Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Enjoy Savings with iPrice Coupons Singapore


My shopping habit has changed ever since I became a mother.

B.C. (Before Child):
Leisurely walk from one shop to another, from one shopping mall to the other. Take my own sweet time to touch, see, smell the products. (Ok, I didn't really smell the products, unless they are food)

A.C. (After Child):
Fight with four hands (the hands of two children) in attempt to stop them from grabbing merchandises off the shelves. Oh, shopping with two children at the malls make my blood boil!

So I turned to online shopping.

I feel happy to shop online, it is so convenient and time saving.  

I feel happier when I get discount codes, promotions and good deals. 

I feel happiest when I do not need to search high and low for those discount codes and promotions! I was delighted when I was introduced to iPrice Coupons Singapore, an one-stop platform that provides coupons and deals from various online shops. 

Just click "Get the Code" or "Go to Offer", and ta-dah! You save some money on your online purchase!

Oh excuse me, my children are now busy playing their toys, I shall take this golden opportunity to grab my discount codes and deals!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by iPrice.

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