Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Matthew's Dream by Leo Lionni

Last October, I shared this story, Matthew's Dream by Leo Lionni, with a group of children at Voyage of Dreams.

As parents, we all hope that our children will do well, so as the poor couple of mice in this story. Their only son Matthew was not sure what he wanted to be when he grew older, until he went to visit an art museum with his classmates one day. He was impressed by the paintings, and decided that he would become a painter. He worked hard and made his dream come true.

I was glad to find both English and Chinese versions from the library, so the children are able to learn the same word in two languages.

Discussion with Your Children

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked, as we were reading the story.

"Police!" Pei Pei answered. I remember that she chose to wear the police uniform at the photo-taking booth at Home Team Festival.

When I asked Hao Hao this question, he looked at me seriously, and replied, "I want to be a.... MAN!"


This story serves to be a good platform for you to discuss with your children about their aspirations.

Art and Craft Activities

After reading this story about the mouse painter, we went on to explore painting methods using water colour. I did not give them any theme, and guess what, they could paint something that was really abstract to me!

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