Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wootch - Alert Me when My Child Wanders Off!

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"Hao Hao! Hao Hao! Where are you??"

I was comparing the price between two brands of milk for 5 seconds at the supermarket. And then I realised that Hao Hao was out of my sight.

My panic button was switched on immediately. I could hear nothing except my voice shouting frantically for Hao Hao. 

One minute of losing Hao Hao seemed like eternity.

I thought I watched my children like a hawk? How can I lose my child under my nose? Am I a lousy mother? How could I lose my child just because I wanted to save a few cents by choosing the cheaper brand of milk? 

My mind wasn't sound. Until I found Hao Hao not too far away.

He gave me his signature grin, which looks like letter 'D' rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

I hugged him tightly for one minute, before I gave him one hour lecture on why he should not wander off from me.

That is our fearless Hao Hao. He would just run off without turning back to check whether we are still behind him.

I was glad when LBMarket sent me a cool gadget Wootch for review purpose. Wootch is an app enabled security accessory for children, camouflaged as a rechargeable digital watch. It sends alert to my smartphone / tablet when my child wanders away from me!

The setting up is very simple. Just download the application QL-Find from iTune or Google Play to your smartphone / tablet, switch on bluetooth, and pair it with Wootch.

You can adjust the range between 5 metres to 20 metres. Ok, call me kiasu (fear of losing), I set 5 metres as the range.

The moment Hao Hao walks 5 metres away from me, a loud buzzing sound "beep-beep-beep-beep-beep" comes from my smartphone.

Hao Hao can also press the "Find Me" button on Wootch to alert me that he needs my immediate attention. 

What I like about Wootch
  • I don't need to bring an extra device with me, since my smartphone is with me whenever I bring my children out.
  • The app is free! (as of now)
  • I can check its battery life via the app, and it is rechargeable
  • More than one Wootch (up to 10) can be paired with my smartphone, it is useful as I have two children and only one smartphone

Check out LBMarket  for more information about Wootch!

Oh yes, I will definitely continue to watch my children like a hawk!

Disclaimer: We received a set of complimentary product for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.

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  1. Looks pretty nifty! With three now I could use something like this! Thks for sharing.

    1. June, this product is really useful, especially we have more than one child. I still haven't mastered the skill of using my right eye to look at right side and left eye to look at left side at the same time!


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