Sunday, May 25, 2014

Children Photography Tips with Canon

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I love taking photos of my children, to the extent that sometimes Pei Pei would pose and ask me, "Do you want to take a photo?"

However, limited by lack of creativity and skill, the photos often turn out to be disappointing. I was thankful to be a participant of Capture Kids at Play Workshop by Canon, conducted at Fidgets World. It was very thoughtful of the organiser to arrange the parents to attend the photography workshop, while the children had fun at the baking class.

The speaker was an experienced and awarding-winning photographer, Mr Bob Lee, who shared with us "photographing children is easy as ABCDE".

Some tips that I have learnt from Mr Lee:

A - Angle
Move our body to capture the scene from different angles.

B - Bokeh
The quality of blur achieved at shallow depth of view. Sound complicated?  It is generally known as "background blur". This makes the subject stand out from the background.

C - Continuous mode.
This is especially useful to capture the motion of fast-moving children. I am sure that out of 96758 photos taken, at least one would look great!

D - Distance and Details
It is not necessary to always take close-up photos of the children. Sometimes, taking from a distance would give a great effect. In addition, take note of the details in the surrounding to make the photo tell a story.

E - Exposure
Do not use flashlight, use natural lighting as far as possible. Backlight may not be bad, it can give a silhouette effect which looks amazing.

And most importantly: Keep shooting!

To me, it was not just a photography workshop, it was a genuine sharing of parenthood story which touched my heart.

I was glad to have my hands on a new model of camera Canon PowerShot N100. Since I am the photographer most of the time (*cough *cough, hinting DaDi to do something about this), this camera allows me to be part of the photo!

Taken with Canon PowerShot N100:

Thank you Canon for such a wonderful afternoon!

Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the photography workshop and the children attended the complimentary baking workshop. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.

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  1. Wow! Nice shots and colors you've got. And speedy post too! Glad your family enjoyed the afternoon.

    1. Thank you Claudia for inviting us! It was really an enjoyable afternoon!


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