Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY Customised Family T-shirt Cupcakes

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Time flies, my firstborn is turning 6 in about a month's time. As usual, I would handmade birthday present for her. This year, I decided to make her some T-shirts using Heat Transfer / Iron On method. Instead of folding them nicely and wrap them in wrapping paper, I turned the T-shirts into birthday cupcakes!

Part 1: The Making of Customised T-shirts

First step is to choose a design. You can search for images from Internet, or you can create your own designs. I decided to draw.

Ok, call me an old-school person, I can draw only with a drawing pen and paper, I have not mastered how to draw using tablet. With the help of Canon PIXMA all-in-one printer, together with PIXMA Printing Solution App, scanning my drawing is such a breeze. After editing the images, I printed them on heat transfer sheet using my Canon printer.

Some tips on heat transfer method for T-shirt printing:
  • Remember to invert the images (flip horizontal) on editing software e.g. Photoshop, Microsoft Words.
  • When ironing the heat transfer paper, place the images facing the T-shirt.
  • If you are using steam iron, use the dry mode, do not add water to the iron.
  • Place the T-shirt on a table or ironing board, press the iron with the duration specified by the instructions on the heat transfer sheets. 
  • If you have difficulty in peeling off the paper, try to use iron to press another 10 seconds.

Yeah, the T-shirts are done!

Part 2: The Making of T-shirt Cupcakes

Using Canon Matte Photo Paper, I printed pattern paper, tags and 3-D stickers from Canon Creative Park.

Then I folded and rolled the T-shirt as shown: 

Next, I cut rectangles from the pattern paper to to make the cupcake linings. Finally, I made the cupcake toppers by pasting the tags and 3-D stickers on toothpicks.

Of course you can use these cupcake toppers on edible cupcakes!

Hope she would like the birthday presents!

Disclaimer: This is the second part of a series of conversations between Canon and PeiPei.HaoHao. We received a Canon PIXMA photo all-in-one printer and a packet of Canon photo paper. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.   

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  1. These t-shirts are really cute! Your daughter will love them

    1. Thank you Amaia! I left the "cupcakes" on the table and she took the T-shirts, she loves them!

  2. This would be a really cute gift idea.I loved this! It’s so cool, so many ideas to do! I can’t wait to do this for my kids.Thanks for inspiration!

    1. Thank you Maria. I am sure your children will love the T-shirts that you make for them!


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