Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cable Car Ride with DC Comics Super Heroes

[Media Invite]

"Help!!!!! I can't take it!!!" screamed MaMi.

The Joker kept making fun of her for her lousy cooking.

Wanting so much to protect their MaMi, Pei Pei and Hao Hao climbed 100 metres above the sea level to the mission-base of DC Comics Super Heroes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern - hoping to learn some super power from these Super Heroes.

This action-packed mission-base is known as Mount Faber. The Super Heroes started training the children in the cable car cabins.

Before meeting the Super Heroes, the children were reminded to get their MaMi's smartphone to download Fly with Super Heroes app (iOS or Android).

Search for the QR codes in the cable car cabin, and the children learnt from the Super Heroes how to fight the naughty Joker!

Returning to Mount Faber, there were more action-packed activities! (The fringe activies are available on weekends 11 am - 6 pm)

The Super Heroes were pleased with Pei Pei and Hao Hao's performance, and now they are certified Super Girl and Bat (not Bad) Boy!

DC Super Heroes Thematic Cable Car Ride
Ticket price: S$29 (adult), S$18 (child). Add S$10 for a day of unlimited rides - to experience all 4 DC Hero-themed cabins
Do check out this website for more information!

Disclaimer: We were invited to DC Super Heroes cable car rides. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine. 

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  1. AW! That's so cute. You little ones look so happy. What great parents you are.

    1. Thank you Francene! I am not really that great, I just hope that my children enjoy themselves!

  2. That looks like so much fun! What a great day for kids!


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