Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Cards Using Coloured Salt with Chalk

See what the children have prepared for DaDi as Father's Day present this year!

Warning: the process of making this card is very messy!

Coloured chalks
Plastic bags
Coloured paper

Step 1: 
Divide the packet of salt into a few packs in plastic bags. In each bag of salt, put a coloured chalk. Rub the salt against the chalk.

Step 2:
You may use pencil to write the words or draw pictures. 
Apply glue to the parts that require the same colour salt. 

Step 3:
Place some coloured salt on to the part with glue. Be generous with the amount of salt!

Step 4:
Pour the excess coloured salt back into the plastic bag.

Step 5:
Repeat Step 2 to Step 4 with another colour salt.

When the children had completed the Father's Day card, poor DaDi had to clear up the mess! Salt all over the place!!

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  1. This is brilliant. I love DIY cards and have never thought of using salt before. Such a cheaper option that getting those glitter sticks. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Lexi. This is cheaper than glitter sticks!

  2. That's a really creative way to colour the salt! I love it - very tactile!

    1. Thank you Marya! The children love it as if they are playing with sand!


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