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Ganban-Yoku Therapy and Ganban-Yoga @ Anti-Oxidant Centre + Giveaway

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Being a mother means I have to take good care of myself, so that I can take good care of my family.

So when the nice folks from Anti-Oxidant Centre invited me to try out their Ganban-Yoku (岩盤浴) therapy and Ganban-Yoga, I thought, why not? Hoping these will help to improve my health and wellness!   

Oh, what is Ganban-Yoku therapy? 

The therapy is simply lying on ganban (hot stones) beds that release far infra-red rays and negative ions. I was told that the benefits of Ganban-Yoku therapy include anti-aging, reduce cholesterol level, improve blood circulation, relieve pain and stiffness caused by rheumatism, increase immune resistance, increase metabolic rates and weight loss.

I went for the Gankan-Yoku therapy with my close pal, who is also a full-time-working-mother. After changing into the yukata provided, we went into the therapy room. The kind staff gave each of us a bottle of alkaline water, and advised us to drink half of it before entering the room. The room temperature is between 39 to 41 degrees Celsius with the humidity at about 30%. I did not feel like suffocating which I experienced in conventional saunas! 

To full-time-working mummies like us, it was a good girls outing, and 45-minute therapy session seem to be too short for us to catch up with each other! Oops, hope we did not talk too loud and disturbed others in the next room!

There are three therapy rooms, and no worries, we girls had a female-only room. One of the rooms can be used for couples, it would be a good couple bonding time if DaDi could join me!

After the therapy, we were served enzyme drink, which is said to help our bodies digest, absorb and utilise nutrients while delivering oxygen throughout our bodies. There are ginger, lemon grass, mango, dragon fruit and hawthron flavours. Personally, I love mango flavour most!

After taking a nice shower at the well equipped bathroom, we were rejuvenated! 

On another day, I attended the Ganban-Yoga beginner class. The instructor was very nice, she helped us correct our postures and kept checking whether we were fine. She also shared with us some poses that help to ease menstrual pain. After the 45-minute lesson, we stayed in the therapy room for 15 minutes for Ganban-Yoku therapy.

There is a resting corner with magazines, so after shower, you can rest and relax there!  

Their interior is painted with anti-oxidant paint, which releases negative ions and anti-oxidants. The egg is 1-year-old and the bread is 2-year-old, and yet they are not mouldy! You may call them to ask about the sample box.

[Promotion and Giveaway](Giveaway is closed)

Good news! There is special price for trial Ganban-Yoku Therapy and trial Ganban-Yoga class for ALL PeiPei.HaoHao readers!  Just let the staff know that you are PeiPei.HaoHao's reader when you call for an appointment!

  • S$10 for a trial Ganban-Yoku therapy  
  • S$20 for a trial Ganban-Yoga class 
  • Valid for new customer only

If you enjoy the Ganban-Yoku therapy and /or Ganban-Yoga class, Anti-Oxidant Centre is now having Great Singapore Sale promotion!
  • 5 x Ganban-Yoku therapy sessions for S$100 (usual price S$180) 
  • 5 x Ganban-Yoga classes S$175 (usual price S$200)
  • Expiry date for the therapy and classes: 31 July 2014

That's not all, Anti-Oxidant Centre has kindly offered to sponsor one PeiPei.HaoHao reader with three Ganban-Yoku therapy sessions. The winner can share the sessions with friends or family members. The validity would be for 2 months upon announcing the winner. 

Just 3 simple steps!

The giveaway is open to Singapore residents only and will be closed on 18 June 2014, 2359hrs. One winner will be randomly drawn. The winner will be notified via email on 19 June 2014 (so the three sessions would be valid until 19 August 2014), so remember to provide your email address in the comment ok?

Congratulations to Saralyn! Enjoy your Ganban-Yoku therapy sessions!

Anti-Oxidant Centre
Address: 1 Thomson Ridge Singapore 574633
Phone: 67560636

Disclaimer: I was invited to Ganban-Yoga class and Ganban-Yoku therapy sessions. The giveaway is sponsored by Anti-Oxidant Centre. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine. Content on this post is for informational only, it is not presented by a qualified healthcare professional. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have medical conditions, please consult your medical practitioner first before trying. 

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  2. One benefit is that it can improve blood circulation.
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  3. Weight loss.

  4. It can increase immune resistance.


  5. It can relieve pain and stiffness caused by rheumatism


  6. It can help to increase one's metabolic rates!

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