Friday, June 27, 2014

Staycation: Resort World Sentosa Festive Hotel (Deluxe Room) Review

After our first staycation at Resort World Singapore Hard Rock Hotel last year, the children kept asking us, "When are we going to stay over at Sentosa again?" So we decided to bring them to their second staycation on Father's Day, this time, we booked Resort World Singapore Festive Hotel. I thought it was a good deal to book the Deluxe room at S$180++ (the price was doubled one week after we made the booking!).

It was a surprise to the children, as we did not tell them in advance. We even packed our bags only the night before the staycation, while they were sleeping. After attending an event in the morning, they thought we were going home. They were thrilled when we drove to Sentosa instead!

You may wonder how come we did not book the Deluxe Family King Room? Yes, I did consider. But DaDi was afraid that our two monkeys would jump down from the loft bed in the middle of the night! 

We checked in at 2+pm on Father's Day. Many people were here to celebrate Father's Day too, and the queue was super long. I was glad that there was free balloon sculpturing to entertain my children while I was queuing. The check-in counter, unlike the classy one at Hard Rock Hotel, it is bright and cheery.

Other than the room key, upon checking in, we were given complimentary Sentosa Express tickets. And yes, there are goodies bags for the children upon request.

We requested for two single beds instead of a King bed. Because I thought that like our stay at Hard Rock Hotel, Hao Hao and I would share one bed, while Pei Pei and DaDi would share the other one. It would be tough for four of us to squeeze on one King bed.

But I regretted when I saw that there is a sofa bed in the room!

Opening the balcony door, we had a nice pool view (though I was not really interested in looking at the swimmers). Being a paranoid mum, I kept checking that the balcony door was tightly locked.

After settling down, we visited Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool. This time, Pei Pei and Hao Hao were not afraid of the slide anymore!

After dinner, we walked slowly back to the hotel. It was such a lovely sight.

The children enjoyed their stay. I just hope that Festive Hotel could send us the extra towels in a shorter time. It took more than 5 hours from requesting to receiving the towels.

Well, after two staycations, I think we have enough "rehearsals" in preparation of bringing them overseas (not just over the sea to Sentosa).

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  1. The hotel rooms look fabulous. The delight on the children's faces says it all. But water has hidden dangers. Better take those swimming lessons as soon as possible.

    1. Yes, Francene, my elder daughter is starting swimming lesson tomorrow!

  2. This looks like brilliant fun!
    What a great, fun filled idea.

    1. Sophie, it was an enjoyable day for the children (except the little incident at the pool)!

  3. Hi, where do you get the hotel deals from? Thank you.


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