Monday, June 23, 2014

World Cup Finger Soccer Crafts for Children

When I was a child, my Dad would stay up at night during World Cup season to watch the games on TV. Though I didn't know much about soccer, I thought it was one of the memorable father-daughter bonding activities to watch the games together.

Pei Pei and Hao Hao's DaDi is not a soccer fan, so he would not stay up at night to watch the World Cup games (anyway, we can only catch snippets of the games free on TV during the news). The children are still able to experience the World Cup fever with their DaDi at home - finger soccer! (No real soccer playing at home please! I don't want anything to be broken!)

Toilet paper rolls x 3
Coloured paper
Markers / coloured pens

Step 1:
Press one toilet paper roll, and cut three stripes width-wise, about 1 cm each. Assemble them as shown to make the soccer ball.

Step 2:
Decorate the other two toilet paper rolls using coloured paper and coloured pens to make the players. Cut a hole at the back, wide enough for two fingers to enter.

Step 3:
Play finger soccer game! You can use any basket or recycled box as the goal!

Do you / your children watch World Cup? Feel free to share with us your World Cup activities for your children!

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  1. Very cute and timely. I forwarded this on to my daughter the teacher in case she would like to use this for her kids. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you Fred. Hope this is useful to your daughter and her students!

  2. That is so creative and cute. And I can probably actually make these! Thanks!
    Kim Patterson

    1. Thank you Kim. It is very easy to make. Have fun!

  3. This is so sweet. Looks like great fun!

    1. Thank you Sophie, the children had great fun!

  4. Hi, this is an adorable craft! fast and fun to make! Am sharing it!

    1. growinghearts123, thank you for sharing! Hope you enjoy this craft activity!


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