Tuesday, July 1, 2014

10 Things Children Learn Through Cooking

Yes, it is going to be messy with children cooking in the kitchen, but I think it is also a good learning opportunity for them.

1. Mathematics and numeracy
The children learn to use weighing scale, measuring cup and measuring spoon to measure the amount of ingredients. They also learn counting, addition and subtraction.

2. Language and Literacy
From recipe books, the children learn about reading instructions and learn the name of food and methods (e.g. cut, beat, stir)

3. Science
They learn that baking powder and beating eggs cause the cakes to rise, heating chocolate makes it melt, freezing turns liquid into solid.

4. Fine motor skill
Through using the tools, cracking eggs, sifting flour, they develop fine motor skill.

5. Safety
They learn that they should not stand too close to the hot oven / stove, and they should handle cutting / blending tools with care.

6. Teamwork
They learn that they can either take turn, or divide-and-conquer in order to complete the task.

7. Being patient
It is not a magic show, the food take time to be ready. They learn to wait, and understand that things do not happen immediately for them.

8. Being creative
The top of the cupcakes does not look very nice. What can we do? How about using some fruits to decorate them?

9. Being responsible
After creating a mess, the children learn that they are responsible to clean up the mess!

10. Sharing
The food is ready, and is yummy! Not to forget sharing with their family members and friends!

What else do you think children can learn through cooking?

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  1. I remember learning to cook from my mom when I was young. I'll definitely do this with my daughters too when they get older. It also doesn't hurt if they develop an interest in culinary and become a junior master chefs!

    1. Michelle, it would be a great mother-daughter bonding activity! I will be happy if my children become junior master chefs and prepare great food for me!

  2. I used to love cooking when I was young and I can say I did learn a lot. What a fantastic post, Waiwai and the pictures tell it all!
    Visiting from the UBC. Here's my post today: http://everydaygyaan.com/so-damn-thirsty/

    1. Thank you Corinne! I am also learning together with my children!

  3. I love your post. I learned cooking and baking from my Grandmy and we both enjoyed it, although our kitchen was a mess every time. It's a good way for children to learn and to develop a connection to real food.

    1. Thank you Sabine! I hope my children would learn to appreciate the hard work behind preparation of food.

  4. A lot of homeschoolers in my country (the United States) use cooking as a method for teaching both science and mathematics. In my high school, I even studied the science of cooking - and loved it. I think your list of learning through cooking is quite comprehensive. I did a lot of cooking with my son, especially baking, when he was younger. Alana

    1. Thank you Alana for sharing. My children's preschool does not have cooking facilities, so I teach them cooking at home.

  5. Yes, they definitely learn patience especially when it comes to popping it in the oven! I want to add that kids also learn that if their cake fails, it's still okay. They can try again the next time. We made a sponge and somehow the middle sank as we opened the oven door. Lesson learned!

    1. Thank you Agy for sharing the good point! Children also learn from mistakes during the cooking experiment!


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