Thursday, July 3, 2014

Capture Water Fun with Canon PowerShot D30

The children enjoy playing in water, and I love to capture these lovely moments. However, I dare not to risk my smartphone which I use to take photo frequently. I do not hope that my smartphone turning into dumb phone after having a shower. 

I was thankful to have the opportunity to loan a Canon PowerShot D30 for our staycation at Resort World Sentosa Festive Hotel.

This photo of Canon PowerShot D30 was taken with my smartphone. The rest of the photos in this post were taken with Canon PowerShot D30.

Canon PowerShot D30 is light to carry.  It is especially important to us parents who need to lug tons of things when we go out.

It is waterproof. Forget about putting it in a zip-lock bag, just relax, and capture lots of water fun moments! It can take photos and videos 25 m underwater, it is definitely a great camera for open water divers!

No worries if your children drop this camera, as it is equipped with 2.0 m shock resistant capability. You can also use this camera at temperature as low as -10 degrees Celsius. It is useful for families on adventure!

Its LCD is enhanced with sunlight mode, so under the bright sunny condition, I could check the photos I had taken without difficulties.

After taking underwater photos, I wanted to use it to take photos above water, how I wished I had a piece of dry cloth to wipe away the water droplets on the lens.

All in all, I think Canon PowerShot D30 is a good camera if you are taking photos underwater.

Disclaimer: I was loaned a unit of Canon PowerShot D30 for one week for trial and review purpose. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine. 

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