Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Children Fun Time at Changi Airport Terminal 1

As a student, I went to Changi Airport Terminal 1 to study for my examination. Yes, I was one of those students who hogged the seats at the viewing gallery. As a traveler before I became a parent, I boarded on plane at Changi Airport Terminal 1 most of the time. Oh yes, Terminal 3 was not opened back then. 

For some strange reasons, whenever we decided to bring the children to visit the airport as family outing, we would only visit Terminal 3 (See this post for children fun at Terminal 3). How could I forget about my old friend Terminal 1?

We brought our children to Changi Airport Terminal 1 recently. Finally.

To my delight, the indoor playground Canopy Playground located is now FREE! It is located at Viewing Mall at Level 3. Though it is not very big, the children had a great time playing there.

At Viewing Mall, the children were excited by the planes that were taking off or landing.

Up and down like waves, the children were amazed by this kinetic art sculpture called Kinetic Rain. It is located at Departure Hall. Do you know how many rain drops are there?

There are also installations that are great as backgrounds for photo taking.

Changi Aiport is not just a place for travelers, it is also a great place for family outing!

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