Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let Children Prepare Teachers' Day Gifts

As a full-time-working-parent, I really appreciate the teachers from the childcare centre for taking good care of my children. In the past, I guided my children in preparation of Teachers' Day presents (see our Teachers' Day gifts tutorial). This year, I let the children decide what they give their teachers.

"What is Teachers' Day about?" I asked the children. They thought that it is just another party time in the school. So I discussed with them what the teachers have done for them, and what things they appreciate about their teachers. Through this discussion, I hope they understand that Teachers' Day is about appreciating their teachers. 

From our craft supplies cabinet, the children chose the materials to make the gifts. Pei Pei decided to make rainbow loom bracelets and rings, while Hao Hao decided to make cards.

Thank you teachers for your effort, love and care to the children. Happy Teachers' Day! Oh, then we should also thank ourselves too, since we parents are our children's first teachers!

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