Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Protect Your Eyes with 3M Polarizing Task Light LED5000

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I am thankful to have good eyesight and do not have to wear spectacles until now, and I hope that my children will be blessed in the same way. As the children are going to be Primary pupils soon, they will be spending more time on reading and writing, therefore it is important to ensure that they have good eye care habits. 

Here are some tips on healthy eye care for the children:
  • Choose books that are made of non-reflective materials with large printed letters
  • Remind the children to sit up when they reading, instead of lying on stomach or on back
  • Use chairs and desks that are suitable for the children's height
  • Bring your children for eye checkup yearly
  • Ensure there is sufficient lighting in the room

Yes, it is important to choose the right lamp to protect our eyes! We are thankful to receive 3M Polarizing Task Light LED5000 for review.

These are features of 3M Polarizing Task Light LED5000 that we like:

Adjustable light levels for different activities
There are five luminance levels from 90 Lux (level 1) for watching television to 880 Lux (level 5) for reading and writing. 

Child-friendly control
Switching to different level is made so easy with the touch sensor.

Sleek and modern design 
It blends nicely with our house decor. When it is not in use, it is retractable to save space.

Glare reducing
With 3M proprietary filter technology, it reduces glare by up to 80%. This protects our eyes from excessive strain.

Steady source of light
The LED lamp does not produce flickers like fluorescent light. 

Electromagnetic Interference Test qualified
The lamp minimizes the effect of electromagnetic waves on our bodies and other electronic devices such as smartphones.

Light and portable
It weighs 0.8 kg, and it is portable to different parts of the house. When the children are reading, we place it on their reading table. When I have to blog in the middle of the night after the children have gone to sleep, it is easy for me to take the lamp and put on my study table.

The 3M Polarizing Task Light LED5000 is now available in two colours – Sleek White and Jet Black. It retails at S$239 (with GST) and is available at Best Denki, Popular Bookstores and other leading retailers.

Disclaimer: We received a 3M Polarizing Task Light LED5000 for review purposeNo monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.

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