Monday, September 8, 2014

Sensorium 360° @Singapore Art Museum

Do you know that we have more than five senses? Kinaesthesia, propioception and chronoception... Sound complicated?

Recently we visited Singapore Art Museum to explore our senses at the visual art exhibition called Sensorium 360°.

In the dark room, the art pieces were appreciated through touch.

The children's first encounter with braille.

Run and jump and dance, the children were so excited to see themselves in action a few seconds later!

The exhibition Noon-nom is made up of many cushions. Can you make a guess what the shape represents?

Walking through this maze may be too easy for you.

But it is not as easy when you wear the goggles - you will see from another perspective! It took me a while to orientate myself!

Learning food, taste and culture from Hoi An Chicken Rice.

Listening to music and take a deep breath.

So many types of perfumes, which one to smell first?

We were trapped in a cage!

Mystery touch - what are inside the boxes?

It is interesting to uses scents for discussion with the children.

The children were more interested in playing with this!

Write a few words to indicate that "we were here".

There are activity sheets for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels. My children are too young to complete the activity sheets, but these gave me some ideas and possible questions that I could ask and discuss with my children as we explored our senses.

We enjoyed this exhibition. I was glad that I did not have to shout "don't touch" at my children!

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  1. Heard a lot of raving reviews for this exhibition! Thanks for the pictures :)


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