Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colour Inspiration for Children Bedroom with Dulux

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This is our current arrangement at bed time.

Perhaps, it is time to get the children to sleep in their own room. However, I face difficulty in convincing them to sleep in another room.

I'm sure that you can tell why it is hard to convince them to sleep in this room. The colour and decor are not interesting to the children!

It was timely that I had the opportunity to attend Colour Inspiration Workshop conducted by the professionals from Dulux. We learnt about importance of colour, colour psychology and colour harmony. We also had hands-on session with colours on canvas, please don't laugh at my masterpiece!

I was truly inspired by what I have learnt from the session, and am ready to embark on "Children Bedroom Extreme Makeover" journey to get the children out of our room into their new bedroom!

How do we use colours to renew the bedroom?

Step 1: Choosing the suitable colour

Colour is an emotion and simulates senses. Do you know what does each colour represent?

I am thankful to have my hands on Colour Inspiration 2015 by Dulux to get some inspirations on which colour to choose.

Well, since it is the children's bedroom, I should let them have a say in which colour they like. Truly Singaporeans, they quickly turned to the page on Singapore's Favourite Colours.

Want a copy of Colour Inspiration 2015 by Dulux? Get your free copy by filling up this online form!

Step 2: Choosing the suitable colour scheme

Dare to experiment with colours of walls and furnishings is the key to create a more interesting space. But how do we choose colours that work well with one another? At Colour Inspiration Workshop, I learnt 5 main colour combination strategies using the Colour Wheel.

Monochromatic - safe colour scheme that uses only one colour with different tints (adding white to the hue), shades (adding black) and tones (adding gray).

Monochromatic (Image source)

Analogous - harmonious colour scheme that uses colours adjacent to the pure colour on the colour wheel.

Analogous (Image source)

Complementary - contrasting colour scheme that uses 2 colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel. It is a very popular option.

Complementary (Image source)

Split Complementary - a more complicated colour scheme that combines 3 colours. It is useful for combining furnishings.

Split Complementary (Image source)

Triadic - adventurous colour scheme with maximum contrast. Suitable for children's rooms

Triadic (Image source)

Step 3: Visualise with Dulux Visualiser

Theory aside, to know whether the colours chosen are appropriate, it is important to visualise it. Do we need to paint and re-paint to get the right colours? No worries, Dulux has a great app Dulux Visualiser which is available on iOS and Android. Just a few touches on the smartphone or tablet, instant and realistic impression of how the room looks like appears right in front of our eyes!

Watch this video to learn how to use this application!

Step 4: Consult Dulux Colour Consultant

Not that I don't trust my children's taste, but since I am a noob in home improvement, I should seek advice from experts before confirming the colour and the colour scheme for the children bedroom.

Getting help from Dulux Colour Consultation Service is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Dulux Singapore

Just take a photo of your room, email to and let them know your preferred colour or theme. While you take a sip of coffee, look at the images with ideal colours recommended by the Dulux Colour Specialists. Oh, this service is free!

How would the boring room turn into a lovely children bedroom? Stay tuned for our "Children Bedroom Extreme Makeover" journey!

Need some sources of inspiration for your home improvement?

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