Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Making Homemade Pizza with Children

When I was young, together with my mum, we made pizza at home in a few minutes time - simply use bread, tomato paste, cheese and ham, then put into the toaster oven for a few minutes. Yes, it is just that simple. Yet, it was priceless to me, as the making and eating pizza time was one of my favourite bonding moments with my mum.

Now, as my children are older and show interest in joining me to play in kitchen cook, I would involve them in cooking, since I feel that cooking is a good bonding activity. I took up the courage to make a traditional pizza with them. Yes, it took me some courage to do so. Because I have never made traditional pizza before, I was not sure whether I could make a proper pizza dough. And involving the children means I have to take more time to make the pizza.

However, the time was well spent.

The children learnt something new during the pizza making process - what yeast is and what it does to the dough. They were amazed to see the dough increased in size after a while!

They also learnt to roll the pizza dough and to make it as thin as possible.

They had a say in which ingredients they would like to use in their pizza.

Obviously, each of them has different preference, as you can tell that one of them likes mushrooms while the other one likes broccoli.

We followed the pizza dough recipe from Christine's Recipes. For the toppings, we sliced the mushrooms and ham, steamed the broccoli, and we used cheddar cheese as well as canned tomato paste (yes I know it is not healthy, but I was lazy to prepare from scratch). The oven temperature is 220 degrees Celsius and the baking time is 20 minutes.

Honestly, it was quite messy during the process - flour and the toppings on the table and the floor, and the children dirtied their clothes. While the children learnt during the process (10 things they can learn from cooking), I also have learnt - I need to keep myself calm when I see the mess, and take this as a teachable moment that the children bear a responsibility in cleaning up the mess!

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