Thursday, November 6, 2014

Finding that Right Paint: Dulux Wash & Wear

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Should I be happy, or angry?

The children just wanted to demonstrate their creative flair on the walls.

Or sometimes, it was just an accident, like spilling of chocolate milk on to the wall. 

I know, I know, they didn't mean to make me upset. Yet, I couldn't help myself but my inner volcano erupted. With a loud roar, the children were terrified and tears filled their eyes.

Water and detergent were unable to remove the stain completely. When DaDi saw me trying to remove the stain furiously, he offered a "brilliant" solution - using correction fluid. (Don't laugh!)

With young children at home, it seems that having stains on the walls is part and parcel of our life. Ice-cream, porridge, orange juice, chalk, highlighter, you name it. Children being children, they don't mean to leave the stains on the walls, I have to keep reminding myself not to lose temper easily. I think the trigger of frustration comes from the difficulty to remove the stains.

Well, things could have been better if the stains can be removed easily.

Recently, I was introduced to Dulux Wash & Wear at Colour Inspiration Workshop

Dulux Singapore

Dulux Wash & Wear is formulated with KidProof Technology™, and has the following features:
  • Repel tough stain
  • Keep colour looking fresh for longer
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Low odour, even when freshly painted
  • Meets the eco standards specified by SGLS and is an approved environmental preferred paint
  • No added lead. No added mercury

After viewing the advertisement, I was still a bit skeptical. Not until the professional from Dulux performed a demonstration by pouring Cola onto two surfaces, one painted with Dulux Wash & Wear, one with another paint. This happened right in front of my eyes!

The liquid formed beads on the surface painted with Dulux Wash & Wear (on the left), and was not absorbed by the surface. No wonder this makes the cleaning so easy!

That's it! Dulux Wash & Wear is the right paint for our "Children Bedroom Extreme Makeover"!

Other than bedroom, it would great to "kidproof" spaces that children would be around - play room, dining room and kitchen.

Knowing that the stains can be removed so easily with Dulux Wash & Wear, I am sure that I will not roar at my children over the stains again.

Oh my dear children, forgive MaMi for roaring at you because of the stains in the past ok? Forgiveness is easy with Dulux Wash & Wear!

More information on Dulux Wash & Wear:

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    Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Dulux. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine, and all photos are mine unless stated otherwise.

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