Thursday, November 27, 2014

Letter to My Primary-One-to-be Child

Dear Pei Pei,

During your Primary One Orientation, you waved bye-bye to me, and followed your teachers and classmates to the classroom for some bonding activities. I was sitting at the last row in the hall, waving hard to you. I was the one who suffered from separation anxiety. The Principal and teachers were sharing a lot of information about the school, but in my mind, I kept thinking about what you were doing, whether you like the teachers and classmates. And whether you know the way to toilet and not to get lost in the school.

On the same day, it was also your preschool graduation day. You were the first person who delivered the graduation speech. 3 seconds into your speech, I found the taps of my eyes turn on uncontrollably. I was just a bit emotional. I finally accept the fact that you are going to be a Primary One pupil in 1+ month time! It is going to be your new milestone, and it is also a new milestone in my parenting journey.

I am thankful that you have been studying for your spelling and 聽寫 diligently. When we bought your Primary 1 textbooks (with damage of $100+), you start reading the books without us telling you to do so. This is the kind of effort and passion in learning that I hope you continue to have. I don't expect you to score full marks, it is ok to make mistakes, and learn from mistakes. MaMi is happy as long as you are willing to put in effort. 

Many friends asked me why we did not ballot for you to the well-known primary school nearby. There were many considerations (read this post to find out). And now, I am clear of the reason, not just because we were afraid that there would be no more vacancy in other nearby schools if we were not successful in the lucky draw balloting. What is the purpose of primary school education? To achieve high score for PSLE? No. I just wish that you will become an active and independent learner, and most importantly, I wish that you grow up to be a person of good character with positive values. I have met youngsters who excel in their studies, however, they don't even know how to say "Please" or "Thank you".

If you face difficulties in your studies, let MaMi know, ok? Oh, I don't mean I am going to do your homework for you. I hope to be able to stimulate your critical thinking and problem solving skills, and to inspire you to love learning. Yes, that's why I said that it is also a new milestone in my parenting journey, since I have so many things to learn too!

Other than academic studies, I hope that you will find passion in other activities that you enjoy, be it sports, performing arts or others. Study hard, but don't forget to play hard too!

As you are growing, you will find that friendship become an important part of your life. Do get to know more friends, but do stay away from those who hurt you.

Please remind me to read this letter, if one day, I say something like "Why you score only 90% for this test?"

Let's learn and grow together, my dear.


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