Tuesday, December 16, 2014

3 Simple Christmas Cards Ideas

In the past, I was the one who reminded the children to prepare Christmas cards for their teachers, as a form of appreciation. This year, they were the one who reminded me to help to prepare Christmas cards!

We decided to use Christmas tree as the key feature for our Christmas cards.

Christmas Card #1

The children have been making paper snowflakes for the past few days, read our tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes for details.

This is the pattern I created for this Christmas card:

The stars are stickers that I bought from Popular Bookstore.

Christmas Card #2

Cut a piece of paper into triangle, and use puncher to punch a few holes on two sides. One objective of this project is to develop the children's fine motor skill through sewing, so I used clear tape to secure a toothpick to one end of the ribbon.

Christmas Card #3

Using recycled paper, we cut pieces of rectangular shape of different sizes, and roll each piece lengthwise. 

Here is our tutorial on how to make the lucky star using long stripes of paper.

  1. Make a loop using a long stripe of paper
  2. Make a knot at the short end
  3. Fold the long end backwards
  4. Fold the long end along the edge, repeat this step and tug the end
  5. Use fingernail to press the 5 sides of the star

Need some more Christmas craft ideas for children? Read our post on 6 Christmas Craft Ideas for Children.

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