Saturday, January 10, 2015

Big Hero 6 Baymax Bento - Baymax Onigiri

We were treated to watch Big Hero 6 last November, the children like Baymax, which gave me an idea to make a simple bento dinner for them.

Making ongiri (rice balls) does not require special tool, you just need to place the rice in a piece of cling wrap to make the shape required. Take note that when you cook the rice, add slightly more water to make the rice sticky, so it can be made into rice ball easily.

For the body of Baymax, there are many ingredients that you can use as fillings, for example, minced pork / chicken, salmon, bonito flakes and egg.

Pardon the funny decorations on the right, I wanted to make the xiao bai cai umbrella, but Baymax that I made was too big to stand under it!

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