Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY 3D Letters

The children finally have their own bedroom! One consideration of designing a shared children bedroom is to ensure there is private space for each child. In addition to the use of bed sheets that are chosen by the children, another decorative idea is to use letters for them to "mark" their "territories".

Since we have some cardboard at home, we decided to make our own 3D letters.

Washi tapes
UHU glue


Step 1: 
You may either draw the letter yourself, or use Microsoft Words to print out the letter. Note that the two sides are mirror image of each other. Draw a rectangle of about 3 cm wide in between the two sides. The base (the trapezium) is optional. 

Step 2:
Use UHU glue to secure both left and right ends, so that the letter looks like this from top view.

Step 3:
Use Washi tape to decorate the letter.

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