Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thank You for the Piano, Grandpa

"He asked why you seldom talk to him." Mum told me what Grandpa said to her. 

As a teenager back then, I usually hid into my room to study or do my stuffs. Even when Grandpa came all the way from Hong Kong to Singapore to visit us for a while, I didn't interact with him much. 

And the next time I saw him again, it was in a casket in Hong Kong. Only then I regretted, I could have talked to him more often when he was still alive.

We lived in Hong Kong when I was young. Whenever Grandpa visited us, he would buy lots of food and brought us to Fairwood (a fast food chain in Hong Kong) for lunch. That was the fond childhood memory that I have.

After Grandpa left, Mum gave us part of his inheritance - some money that I used to purchase a piano. From a not well-to-do family of five with Dad being the sole breadwinner, we couldn't actually afford to purchase a piano. In my pursuit of study in music, this came as a very precious gift.

This piano has been with me for 20 years, with this piano, I passed my piano examinations, I composed songs for the musicals produced by my university hostel, and now my children are playing it.

This piano also serves as a reminder to myself - cherish people around you when they are still alive.

Even though this piano is so old, with one faulty key, I didn't throw it away because it is a gift from Grandpa.

Thank you for the piano, Grandpa!

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  1. That is such a beautiful piano and a lovely way to remember your grandpa. Thank you for joining the blog train. Ps. I still remember Fairwood fast food.

    1. Thanks Agy for initiating this blog train! It is nice to read the lovely stories that the participating bloggers have!

  2. While some believe that distance is a beauty (距离是美), this is not (for grandparents-grandkids). It happens to us now too, us being in SG, grandparents being away in MY. We are doing our very best to keep the bonding alive. Thanks for sharing this, Waiwai, timely reminder!

    1. It is great that you make your best effort to keep the bonding alive, scrapmum loft! I am trying my best to make sure that my children have good relationship with their grandparents by meeting them more often.

  3. That's such a sweet story!

    Thanks for sharing,

    P.S.: I also joined the blog train, and this is my story (published on January 9) -


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