Friday, December 5, 2014

Transformation of Shared Children Bedroom with Dulux

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From understanding how colours can be used to renew our house, to finding the right paint that is suitable for a home with young children, we finally transform our boring room from this...


... into a lovely shared children bedroom for Pei Pei and Hao Hao!


I have painted a room once. I spent the whole day to shift furniture out of the room, paint the room, and shift furniture back. And then I was "paralysed" for the next few days. Due to lack of experience and skill in painting, some parts of the walls look uneven. Sigh, I should have sought help from professionals.

I am really thankful to Dulux Professional Painting Service, which makes the transformation of the children room as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Pre-painting site inspection

The Dulux professional painting contractor visited us to assess the condition of the walls, and provided us recommendation on the colours. My initial idea was to have orange colour, but the Dulux professional painting contractor explained that orange is too vibrant for bedroom, and he gave me some suggestions on suitable colours for shared bedroom for a boy and a girl.

To visualise how the room turns out, don't forget to get the free Dulux Colour Consultation. The efficient Dulux colour specialists prepared the photos for us within a few working days.

After discussing with the children, we decided on Scheme 2 - Dulux Wash & Wear Tracey and Candy Pink. We informed the Dulux professional painting contractor about our decision a few days before the paint job, so that they can get the paint ready.

2. Preparation and precaution

Dulux professional painters moved the furniture out of the room. They then wrapped the shelves, wardrobe, window, air-conditioner and floor carefully with newspaper and plastic sheets. They also helped to make minor repairs on our walls, like the screw holes left from a book shelf previously.

3. Completion and checks

While the painters were busy painting, I took a sip of coffee and made a sock toy.

We inspected the walls after the painting was done. Compared to the room that I painted myself, I am so ashamed of my cannot-make-it painting skill!

After removing all the plastic sheet and newspaper, the painter moved the furniture back into the room. What I had to do for the paint job that day? Just to sweep the floor!

Thank you Dulux Professional Painting Service!

After Dulux professional painters have done the paint job, MaMi the builder assembled the new beds and made DIY monograms for the children to mark their "territories". The colours of DIY monograms and new bed sheets match with the colours of the walls!

A bit emotional that the children finally leave my room though. But I feel happy to see their smiles when they saw the transformation of their bedroom!

So are you inspired to transform your house too? There are 3 steps to make home transformation easy! Watch this video produced by and read this article & this article!

Need some sources of inspiration for your home improvement?

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Disclaimer: We received Dulux professional painting service for the children's bedroom. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine, and all photos are mine unless stated otherwise.

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