Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 Things I Will Do Differently in 2015

Year 2015 marks a new phase of my parenting journey, as my firstborn embarks on her formal education journey. To make Year 2015 a better year for myself and my family, these are 5 things that I will do differently.

1. Learn to cook healthy meals for family
Last year, I was very keen to learn how to make dessert, and bought an oven to pick up baking. This year, I shall learn to cook more healthy meals for my family.

2. Bring my children for outdoor activities more often
I used to be an outdoor person. Somehow, as I grow older, I become allergic to the sun and I didn't bring my children for outdoor activities often. I shall bring them for outdoor activities more often. Swimming would be one of the outdoor activities in our list. However, I can't teach them how to swim since I am a human submarine, so I shall look for a coach soon. Any recommendations?

3. Unplug when my children are with me
I had a tendency to take a look at my phone, and started replying messages or emails in front of my children. I shall put away my phone when they are around. So if you need to contact me super urgently, give me a call ok?

4. Manage my emotion
Oh yes, I still remember the Orange Rhino challenge which I attempted in 2013. And it was not really successful as I still raise my voice at my children sometimes. I shall continue to manage my emotion and not to flare up at them easily.

5. Let it go
The children are going to be 6 and 7 years old, they are no longer babies whom I have to hold their hands tightly. I used to shout "Beware of the bicycle!" even when the cyclist was 1 km away,  I shall let go and allow them to be more independent.

This post is my participation in the blog train "5 or 15 Things I Will Do Differently in 2015" initiated by Catch Fortywinks.

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  1. Love the expressions on your drawings, u are a very talented cartoonist :)

    1. Thank you Rachel for your encouraging words! And thank you for initiating this blog train!

  2. Oh my, I totally know what you mean about managing emotions!!


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