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Malaysian Food Delights at PappaRich Plus (One KM)

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To teach children about heritage, one way is to introduce them to the food. Recently the children visited Malaysia, however during our short stay of one day, we did not manage to bring them to try the authentic Malaysian street food. But we are thankful that we can still find great Malaysian food back in our home.

With a humble beginning in Malaysia, PappaRich, a restaurant chain, which aims to bring a truly Malaysian dining experience, is now expanding into the international market, including Singapore. PappaRich offers all-time favourite Malaysian street dishes like Nasi Lemak and Curry Laksa. To offer communal dining dishes that are perfect for sharing over the dining table, PappaRich Plus was launched at Plaza Singapura and One KM.

PappaRich Plus outlet at One KM is spacious and comfortable, it is suitable for gathering with family and friends.

After writing down our order on the order sheet, we pressed the bell and the waitress attended to us shortly. I like this idea, because my children would start shouting / screaming "excuse me" if no waiter attends to us after we have waved for 5 seconds.

The moment Pappa Hainan Steamed Bread with Butter and Kaya was served, it disappeared within a few seconds! The children loved the soft and fluffy bread so much that I could only steal a bite from them!

Pappa Hainan Steamed Bread with Butter and Kaya (S$3.90)

The key to success in a fried rice dish is the "wok hei", and this was observed in their Kampung Fried Rice. This Malay style fried rice may look ordinary, but once we had a bite, we could not stop!

Kampung Fried Rice (S$10.90)

Pei Pei had a craving for Nasi Lemak recently and no doubt her favourite dish of the day was Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Drumstick. We love the crispiness of the skin and the succulent chicken meat.

Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Drumstick (S$11.90)

Curry Fish Fillet brought us through an gastronomic adventure of spices - 22 different spices including kunyit, buah keras (candlenut) and biji halba (fenugreek seed) are used in the curry paste. It would be perfect to have a bowl of rice to go with this curry paste. We like the red snapper fillet for its freshness and sweetness. If you prefer fish head, you may choose to order their Curry Fish Head (S$34.90).

Curry Fish Fillet (S$23.90)

Ayam Masak Merah is a Malay dish with Hainanese influence. The chicken thigh meat is tender and the skin is crispy. A little sambal is added to enhance the dimension of the tomatoes and chili paste.

Ayam Masak Merah (S$12.90)

The red sambal sauce of Sambal Aubergine looked "fierce" at the first sight. However, a not-really-spicy-food-eater like me did not need to call an fire engine to come to my rescue as the sauce is of the sweeter variety. The texture is interesting, it has a crunchy outer layer, yet it is soft and juicy inside.

Sambal Aubergine (S$9.90) 

I could only find one piece of bone in the middle of Seasonal Catch with Superior Soy (Mackerel Fish). The other bones were fried until they were so crispy that we could swallow the bones together with the flesh. I love this dish as I don't need to pick out the bones for the children and for myself!

Seasonal Catch with Superior Soy (Mackerel Fish) (S$16.90)

Another dish suitable for the children is Brocoli with Shiitake Mushrooms. The mushrooms are big and juicy.

Brocoli with Shiitake Mushrooms (S$16.90)

The preparation of Iced  Black Gold Coffee is not as simple as I thought. The ground coffee powder from a mixture of Arabica beans is soaked overnight in ice, and as the ice slowly melts, it gradually draws out the coffee’s essence.

Iced  Black Gold Coffee (S$5.50)

My stomach was totally full after the feast, how I wish I could to have another serving of Red Bean Iced. Using homemade red bean paste, the beverage is smooth and is great for sweet tooth.

Red Bean Iced (S$4.50)

The soft stripes of cendol in Pappa Cendol, together with coconut milk, shaved ice and Gula Melaka from Malacca, is perfect to balance the sensation in our mouth after the hearty meal.

Pappa Cendol (S$3.90)

Thank you PappaRich for the Malaysian dining experience that is rich in flavour and tradition!

PappaRich Outlets: The Star Vista, Parkway Parade, Suntec City Mall, Westgate
PappaRich Plus Outlets: Plaza Singapore, One KM

Disclaimer: We were invited to PappaRich Plus (One KM) for a food tasting session. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions, photos and taste buds are mine.

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