Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chinese New Year Craft - Ang Bao Sheep / Goat

"MaMi, we haven't decorated our house for Chinese New Year!" said Pei Pei.

Oh yes, it is another 9 days to Chinese New Year, and we have been so busy that we have not decorated our house yet. 

Since this year is the year of sheep / goat (can someone enlighten me is it sheep or goat?), our first Chinese New Year decorative craft is of course making sheep!

It is so simple that we completed within a few minutes!

Ang bao (red packets)
Beige colour paper
Glue stick
Black marker


Step 1:
Cut the red packet, using only the front side.

Step 2:
Fold the top of red packet downwards. If it is a straight edge, cut curvy shape. Cut away the two corners at the bottom.

Step 3:
From the beige paper, cut the sheep's face and ears. From the remaining red packet paper, cut two rectangles / trapeziums for the legs.

Step 4:
Use glue stick to attach the face, ears and legs to the red packet paper. Use marker to draw the face.

That is how a sheep become a goat!

Wish you  三"羊"開泰!! Have a prosperous Chinese New Year!

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