Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Embracing Motherhood

6+ years ago, I accepted this job offer which requires me to work 24/7 (no break at all) in a challenging environment filled with surprises. 14 months later, I received a promotion, and my workload doubled. I will hold this job even after I say bye to the world.

What is this job? You may wonder. 

I am a MOTHER. 

As a mother, I get tons of on-the-job training opportunities in which I learn to perform different roles. These are just a few examples:

Being a mother, I learnt

  • how to tell stories with variation of tones - one moment I sound like an old witch, and next moment I sound like a sweet princess
  • the name and function of many types of medicine
  • different hair styling and cutting techniques, and even how to make hair accessories
  • how to cook dishes other than instant noodles
  • to accept audience when I am in the toilet
  • to eat faster

It is a continuous learning journey, there are a lot of things that I am still learning, e.g. how not to yell at my children even when they drive me up the wall.

Becoming a mother is a life-changing experience. I encountered many different challenges as the children grow. For example, sometimes it is challenging to get my children out of the bed during the morning rush on weekdays...

... and it is even more challenging to get myself out of the bed during weekends and holidays!

Ok ok, that is not really challenging.

The major challenge I faced was when I received a promotion 14 months after I accepted this job - my two children are born 14 months apart! 

"If you have a chance to make the choice again, would you still want to have two children with such close age gap?" During the recent interview with The Straits Times, the journalist asked me this question. Without hesitation, I said "Yes. Now they are 6+ and 5+ years old respectively, they learn and play together, and it is easy to organise family outings since they are many common interests. 

Their love, their hugs, their kisses - are all that enable me embrace the challenges of motherhood. They are my teachers, who teach me to become a better person, and allow me relive my childhood again. It is a joy that we learn and grow together.

What does motherhood mean to you?

This post is my participation in the blog train "Embracing Motherhood" hosted by Dominque Goh.

Next up on the blog train is Meiling from Universal Scribbles. Meiling exchanged her stable career as a marketing specialist for flexi-work arrangements to have time with her two primary-school-aged kids. She loves being a mom blogger as it enables her to bring her children to work with her. When she is not guiding them in their learning journeys, she busies herself as a freelance writer, professional trainer and parent coach. She blogs about her adventures with her children, the lessons they teach her and her expedition towards champion-parenting. Hop over to see how she embraces modern motherhood.

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  1. LOL, I totally get the weekday and weekend scenarios!

  2. Thanks for joining us on this blog train. I too get the weekends and wanting to sleep it as it like almost never happens for me too.


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