Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chasing the Moon

"The moon will turn red tonight!"

"Isn't the moon yellow in colour?" The children did not believe what I said.

Knowing that the total lunar eclipse would happen tonight, I had made plan to bring the children to a park nearby to observe this magical moment together.

MaMi: Whom can we borrow binoculars or telescope from?

Pei Pei: I have!

I thanked her for her offer, and secretly put her "binoculars" back on her table.

However, in the late afternoon, it was raining heavily at our area! The children asked, "Is the moon going to turn red tonight?"

I did not want to disappoint the children, so I made an impromptu decision - drive them to the east, where it was not raining. 

To our disappointment, we could not spot the moon at all as it was very cloudy in the east. So we headed home. 

Somehow, my instinct told me to walk to the rubbish chute which faced the east, the direction which the lunar eclipse was supposed to take place.

To my surprise, the partial lunar eclipse was happening right in front of my eyes! I quickly called the children to come out. And here we were, viewing the partial lunar eclipse together next to the rubbish chute! What a special family bonding moment!


Though we did not witness the total lunar eclipse ourselves, I showed the children an online video on total lunar eclipse, they were amazed that the moon disappeared, turned red and then appeared again!

The next total lunar eclipse that is visible in Singapore will take place in January 2018, hope we can see it with our own eyes! And hope that we can view it somewhere other than next to the rubbish chute!

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