Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cornflour Slime Experiment

Making slime at home is easy - just cornflour and water! You may wonder, what is so fun with cornflour slime? Isn't it messy?

Yes, it is very messy! But we confined the mess in the washroom. This is not just a sensory play activity for children, there is also science behind it for the children to explore!

First, I asked Pei Pei to hold the mixture up with her hands. She let the mixture run through her fingers and she could tell me that it was liquid.

Next, I asked her to stir the mixture using her finger. She could feel that it was difficult to stir.

Then I asked her to punch the slime as hard and fast as she could. She was surprised that the slime turned into solid!

Why is it so? Cornflour is a non-Newtonian fluid which changes its viscosity when a force is applied to it.

How to make cornflour slime?
  • Ratio of cornflour to water is about 2: 1.
  • Put the cornflour into a big bowl or container. Add water slowly to achieve the desired consistency - I checked by punching the mixture!
  • If the mixture becomes too watery, add more cornflour.

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  1. This reminds me of cooking. I think you can add some colouring too.

    1. Agy, it was similar to cooking - to find the right consistency!


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