Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Telling Time for Children

One of the essential skills for primary school children is to tell time. While teaching the children about "o'clock" and "half past" was very easy, I had some difficulties in teaching them how to tell the minutes. 

Some time ago, I saw this printable learning clock with small divisions. The paper hour hand and minutes hand were too flimsy, so I used cardboard. 

For the start, I taught the children multiples of 5. Searching through my craft box, I found a bag of embellishment that was useful for the children to count groups of 5.

With the paper clock, there are two activities that we can do:
  1. Position the hands of the clock and ask the children to tell the time
  2. Tell the children the time and they position the hands of the clock

Of course, practice makes perfect. We have a clock on the wall of our living room, and the children have their watches, we keep asking them, "What is the time now?" 

We are still in the process of learning to tell time in minute e.g. 3.11. What suggestions do you have in teaching children how to tell time? Do share with us!

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