Thursday, May 14, 2015

If I were a Time Traveller

They ran without turning their heads.

It seems that they were still the small babies in my arms yesterday, and now they are already Primary One girl and Primary-One-to-be-boy.

Having two children close in age means that once a certain developmental phase is over, it is really over. Oh, how about having number 3? I know you would ask me this question. But, no, really no thanks!

If there is such thing as a time machine that can bring me back in time, I would wish to travel back to the time before they were born.

No, don't be mistaken. Not that I don't want to have children. I enjoy my motherhood, the children make me a better person!

I want to go back in time to learn one thing properly before the children arrived - photography skill! As I was looking at the photos and videos that I took when they were babies, I was disappointed that many photos were blurred or the lighting was horrible.

And I wanted to go back in time to ask make DaDi learn photography with me! So that I would have more photos and videos of the children and me!

When would you like to go back in time if you were a time traveller?

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  1. I suppose being a blogger sort of force u to learn some photography? Hahah :) hope u will still have a chance to learn jn future.

    1. Madeline, it is too late as I missed the chance to take better photos for the children when they were babies!

    2. OHH I know what you mean! When I had my girl all I had was a dingy handphone so all her baby photos are crappy. I made sure I bought a brand new Olympus OMD when I had my boy so he had all the best baby photos hahaha. Oh well.

    3. Good that you have better photos for your younger child!


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