Friday, June 12, 2015

Masak Masak 2015 @ National Museum of Singapore

After the dim sum breakfast with the grandparents, we had our second part of the grandparents-grandchildren bonding activity at National Museum of Singapore! 

It was not too crowded on a weekday late morning. However, the children were disappointed that the bouncy castles are open only on weekends.

The children were amazed by this when they entered the museum!

Isn't the booklet adorable?

To get a set of craft materials to make a paper puppet and origami, just donate a minimum of SGD2. Grandma had a great time crafting with the children!

For once, no one screamed "NO" when the children doodled on the wall!

So nostalgic! A game that I played when I was young - flag attack! 

Beautiful flowers that could dance!

The children enjoyed playing hide-and-seek at the basement!

Another activity that the children enjoyed - stamping!

Last year, the children had fun at level 3 - PLAY@NMS (read our experience here). There is a new activity this year at "PERFORM", the children got to play with toy cars that left trails on light on the floor!

It was a great three-generation outing! 

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