Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Little Red Brick: SG50 LEGO Exhibition @ National Library

I was brought back in time, all the way to 1920s, long before I was born. 

Eh? What was I doing? I was working under the hot sun as a Samsui woman (紅頭巾)?

Before I could unload the baskets, the flat was up!

I was suddenly "fast forwarded" to 1960s. I heard "dok dok chang" and was shocked to see two faces with super thick make-up! Oh, that was Chinese opera!

As soon as I recovered from the shock, I found myself munching some biscuits, I heard the Proclamation of Singapore's independence read by announcers over Radio Singapore. I looked at the calendar, the date was Monday, 9 August 1965.

I thought I was almost choked on biscuits, then I found myself at Boat Quay Hawker Centre in 1970s. The lady swimming in Singapore River was definitely not me. And no, I wasn't the one who threw litter into the river!

What should I have for lunch? Chilli crab? Or kopi-o with kaya butter toast?

Ok, I shall order chilli crab. But wait, where was I? Where was my chilli crab? I found myself walking along Katong area.

And then I saw the dragon playground!

Children were playing zero-point, go-li (marbles) and chapteh. I joined the girls to play chapteh together.

I kicked the chapteh far away so I went to look for it. Suddenly I felt a punch on my face! Hey, I didn't mean to cut your queue! Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel were laughing at the long queue outside MacDonald's in Year 2000! Yes, they don't have mouths, but I know they must be laughing!

I am back to Year 2015! It has been a tough journey for Singapore to become what she is today.

Wait wait wait, I was transported to somewhere else! An army camp?

I cried when my son waved goodbye to me and went up to the army truck. Serving National Service would transform him from a boy to a man, who can protect his country. But erm, isn't this setting in 1972? My son would be serving National Service in 2027! Wrong era...

I was confused to see an old bus and a new bus together! I definitely prefer the new one with air-conditioner!

I was even more confused to see policeman in shorts, together with summon auntie and the candidate running for election!

"MaMi! Look at our LEGO creations!" I was then brought back to reality when my children shouted for me.

My children had been quietly playing with LEGO bricks at the corner while I was daydreaming in The Little Red Brick Exhibition!

The Little Red Brick Exhibition
Address: National Library, 100 Victoria Street Singapore 188064
Dates: 1 - 28 August 2015
Time: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily
How to get there:
Nearest MRT - Bugis MRT Station, City Hall MRT Station
Buses - 145, 197, 32, 51, 63, 7, 80, 2, 7, 12, 33, 130, 133, 960, 56, C3, SMRT 980, SMRT 520, SMRT 851, NR7 & NR8

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  1. Been seeing so many wonderful photos of the exhibition. My sis went last weekend and I hope to catch it before it closes next week!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Read so many posts on this exhibition! Glad I did because all your pictures put together made my "visit" materialize in the comfort of my phone :)

    1. The exhibition would be meaningful for bigger children and adults!

  3. It's like every one has seen this but us! Not sure if we will ever get a chance to go now that it's ending soon. Awesome creations they have.

    1. Their creations are very detailed, I love the way they use different Lego figures to bring out the feelings!

  4. Love all the Lego depictions of old Singapore!
    Wow, Boat Quay hawker center? Classic :)

    cheers, Andy

    1. I am such a mountain turtle that I didn't know there was such a place!

  5. Haven't got the opportunity to go for this exhibition yet. I doubt there is time especially with my boy having PSLE and term test coming.. Ahh... so many things to do with so little time. :(

  6. You know hor... I didn't see the one with the 9 August 1965 calendar and tingkat one...!!! How did I miss that???

    1. That was one of the bigger creation!

    2. GAH... How did I miss it then...??? Maybe I was so focused on the tiny ones that I didn't see the big ones... -_-


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