Monday, September 7, 2015

Learning Journey: Yakult Factory Tour

As I was doing research on our upcoming Taiwan trip, I found that there are quite a number of educational factory tours in Taiwan. Out of curiosity, I searched for factory tours in Singapore, and found one factory that offers factory tour - Yakult Singapore! It was timely that my nice mummy friend from Evespiration organised the factory tour for a group of us!

When we entered the factory building, we were welcomed by the showcase of Yakult packaging from different countries.

And a panel with information about Yakult.

We went up to a classroom located at level 2. The children were thrilled to see bottles of Yakult on the tables! The bottle of Yakult seemed to taste better, not just because it was fresh, it was also free! (That was the joke made by the staff!)

The staff gave us a presentation on the background of the company and the products. One thing I like about the presentation was that the staff would present based on the type of audience. Our group consisted of mainly preschoolers, so he used the presentation slides that were designed for preschoolers, and showed us an animated video. For students and adults, they have other sets of presentation slides and scientific documentary video.

As the staff was presenting, I was hearted to see that Pei Pei was taking down notes!

We also had an opportunity to see how the Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (the beneficial bacteria in Yakult) looked like under the microscope. They are the small dots, not the big belly-button-look-alike-particle (milk molecule) at the bottom.

The children also learnt about digestive system during the presentation. Pei Pei was trying to put back the small intestine that she pulled out.

Do you know how unsweetened Yakult taste like? The staff actually suggested that a parent share a small cup with a child. Pei Pei finished the small cup with a big smile, while Hao Hao passed me his small cup, I got to taste the unsweetened Yakult plus his saliva. Then I understood the staff's suggestion - it tasted sour like plain yogurt!

After the presentation, the staff brought us to take a look at various parts of the manufacturing plant through glass-walled viewing gallery. We were informed that photography is not allowed, so that explains the lack of photos of the manufacturing processes in this blog post. Anyway, there is an animation of the manufacturing processes at Yakult's website. I find the animation in the website useful in explaining the processes to the children.

It was amazing to see the big tanks for manufacturing of Yakult. It was also interesting to see how the bottles were moulded and transported upwards through a big pipe. The children were delighted to see bottles of Yakult on the conveyor belt in the packaging station.

At the end of the factory guided tour, we bought some Yakult and Yakult Ace Light® at a discounted price (SGD2.70 and SGD3.50 respectively, as of September 2015)!

Fun facts we learnt from this learning journey:

  • Our small intestine is 6-7 metres long!

  • There are 10 billions (10,000,000,000) good bacteria in a bottle of 100 ml Yakult. (How I wish that number appears on my bank account!)

  • Singapore is the only country that Yakult produces 4 flavours - original, green apple, grape, and orange. Other countries only have original flavour.

  • Yakult bottles are bigger in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, as compared to other counties. 

  • The best time to consume Yakult is after meal, not before meal.

Information about Yakult Factory Tour
Tours are conducted on Mondays to Fridays
Morning session: 10 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.
Afternoon session: 2 p.m. - 3.30 p.m.
Capacity: minimum 25 participants, up to 60 per session
Admission: Free! And you get one free bottle of Yakult! (But you need to pay for the Yakult that you purchase at the end of the tour!)

How to sign up?
Step 1:
Form a group of minimum 25 participants, maximum is 60 per session. So you may invite your friends or relatives, or may propose to your child's school
Step 2:
Contact Yakult  at +65 6756 1033 ext 313/314

Things to note

  1. Yakult factory tour programme will be temporarily suspended on January 2016 until further notice due to plant upgrading, so if you are interested, do sign up soon!
  2. No photography is allowed during the tour around the manufacturing plant. It is a nice reminder for myself to savour the learning moment with my children, instead of busy taking photos.
  3. The glass-walled viewing gallery is quite narrow, and visitors have to walk from level 2 to level 1 down the staircase, so it is not advisable to bring along a stroller.
  4. There is no minimum age stated in the website, personally, I feel that children at 5 years old and above would be able to appreciate this programme better.

Yakult Singapore
Address: 7 Senoko Avenue Singapore 758300
Contact no. for factory tour: +65 6756 1033 ext 313/314
How to get there:
Bus - take 856, 981, alight at Before / After Senoko Way (depending on which direction you are coming from)
Parking - free parking in the factory premises, but there are limited slots.

p.s. If you know of any other educational factory tour in Singapore, please share with us!

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  1. You can consider the NEWater preschooler's tour too! I just organized one, and was quite edutaining for the kids.

  2. This looks like a fun one for old children! Thanks for sharing and now this adds to our future to visit places. :P

    1. Hoping that the program will resume soon after the upgrading.

  3. Nice factory visit within SG. Strange that we don't have alot of these whereas it is abundant in Taiwan. Thanks for sharing!

    Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

    1. How I wish there are more factories in Singapore that conduct educational tours!

  4. This is interesting!! Too bad need a minimum number of participant else I would love to bring my kids there too. I am thinking of suggesting as an outing for children in the Student Care Ctr! Would be very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcomed! Hope the students would enjoy the tour!

  5. Interesting tour! The next time kids sip their Yakult, it will be a new experience :)

    cheers, Andy

    1. Definitely! Now they learn that they are drinking 10 billion of good bacteria!

  6. My son's kindy used to organise visits to Yakult Factory... Don't know why he hasn't gone yet and he is in the last term of K2! Wish he'll be able to go soon, it looks fun and interesting.

    Audrey @SAys! Happy Mums

  7. Pity I fell ill and couldn't make it to the factory. My son is a big fan. Till the next time!

  8. My Family loves Yakult! Our favorite is Ace light! Visiting the factory sounds like a great experience.

    1. My family loves Yakult too! The children love the flavoured ones, while the adults like Ace Light.

  9. I remember visiting the Yakult factory as a pri sch student. Will try to bring Dana some day.

    1. It was great that that you to visit there when you were young. I only get to visit there after I become a parent!

  10. I like Yakult more than their competitor. It would be interesting for my elder son as he drinks yakult on a regular basis.

    1. It will be interesting for your elder son since he knows about Yakult!


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