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LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia Review - 10 Things that Children Love

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"Wow!" The children exclaimed when we reached LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia.

We reached LEGOLAND Malaysia at 10+ a.m., as the check-in time is 4 p.m., we registered at the reception counter first, and deposited our luggage before we headed to LEGOLAND.

"Wow!" The children exclaimed again when we stepped into our Premium Adventure Themed Room!

What are so "Wow" about LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia? Here are 10 things that children love about LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia:

1. Proximity to LEGOLAND Theme Park and Water Park
In some theme park resorts, you have to take a shuttle bus to get from the hotel to the theme park. For LEGOLAND Hotel, it is just 2 minutes walk! It is so convenient!

2. Wall of LEGO Minifigures at reception
Make a guess, how many LEGO Minifigures are there? (Sorry, no prize for guessing correctly!)

The answer is... 12,528!

3. Playgrounds at reception lobby
During check-in (4 p.m.) and check-out (11 a.m.), the children did not have to ask me impatiently "Are you done?" In fact, I had to ask them this question! Why? Because there are castle and pirate ship playgrounds with pools of bricks!

Just outside Bricks Restaurant, there is another play area with soft bricks.

This play area also has Xbox Kinect station. While the children were dancing, we saw some parents join in the fun too!

4. Disco elevator
We were in awe when the door of the elevator opened - were we going into a disco? With disco lightings and the song "Y.M.C.A", the children danced happily!

5. Themed rooms
There are 3 themes: Adventure, Pirate, and Kingdom. The premium themed rooms have more themed features as compared to themed room.

Let us show you the awesomeness of our Premium Adventure Themed Room located at level 6:

The children were delighted that they had their own sleeping area separated by a sliding door. It is great that the children had their own TV, so that DaDi and I didn't have to watch cartoons with them!

The washroom is well designed with the shower area separated by glass panels. And the interesting thing is, there are LEGO creations inside the washroom! Imagine a giant spider crawling while you are showering!

This is the view from our room - we could see LEGOLAND Theme Park and part of LEGOLAND Water Park!

6. Fun in the room
I had a peaceful time showering, because the children were busy hunting - searching for the code to unlock the treasure!

Look at the treasure that they found!

There was also a box of LEGO bricks that kept the children busy.

7. Child-friendly facility
It is thoughtful of the hotel to have a washing basin for children in the washroom.

The children were afraid of darkness at night, we were glad that there were night lights at the children's bunk bed room!

8. Trading of LEGO Minifigures
We managed to trade two at LEGOLAND Theme Park during our last visit, but this time we didn't find any LEGO Model Citizen (a.k.a. LEGOLAND staff) in the theme park. We were delighted to find one at the hotel lobby! Look out for their name tag with "Trade with Me"!

9. Family activities
There are various activities in the hotel.

There was a dance performance when we were there. The performers invited the children to join in the dance, and gave them a special mission - to invite the parents to join in the fun!

Other than performance, there are other activities, such as movie night, competitions like guessing the number of bricks in a bowl and making LEGO creations according to a theme, as well as photo-taking opportunities with LEGO mascots!

10. Breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant
The children woke up super early before 7 a.m.! And by the time we reached Bricks Restaurant for breakfast before 8 a.m., many families were there already!

The spread of buffet breakfast was decent, including Asian food like porridge and Nasi Lemak, as well as Western food like bread and cereals. There is an outdoor booth that serves omelette, Roti Prata and noodles that are prepared upon your order.

Oh, don't be mistaken, that is not ice-cream factory.... it is porridge station.

Information about LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia
Check-in time: 4 p.m.
Check-out time: 11 a.m.
Buffet breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant: 7.30 a.m. - 10.30 a.m.
Opening hours of outdoor swimming pool (Level 5): 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Early access to the Theme Park and Water Park for hotel guests & Annual Pass holders: 9.30 a.m.

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Disclaimer: Our trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia was kindly sponsored by WTS Travel. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.

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  1. Have been to Johor Bahru multiple times but never get to stay in Legoland HOtel.. love the theme rooms n hopefully will get a chance to stay there some day! :D

    1. We would love to try out Kingdom themed or Pirate themed room next time!

  2. My boy has been pestering me to take him there! Looks like this really making me put this down on the plans. Love the view from the room BTW. !

  3. My boy has been pestering me to take him there! Looks like this really making me put this down on the plans. Love the view from the room BTW. !

    1. We love the view from our room too! It would be even nicer if it was not hazy!

  4. Dana has been asking us to bring her back to the Legoland Hotel. That's how memorable it was of her.

    1. My children keep talking about going there again! And we just visited there 2 weeks ago...

  5. We finally made it to Legoland this year but the Legoland hotel was fully booked so we didn't get a chance to stay there to complete the Legoland experience. Next time perhaps.

    1. Hope you will be able to stay there to complete the LEGOLAND experience! Your daughter would love it!

  6. Legoland Hotel is my favourite part of all of Legoland! When we stayed there, they gave us the wrong room (some adventure room when we booked a pirates room). We went around to take photos of ever corner of the wrong room before going down to tell them, hey, we wanted a pirate room. So we got to see 2 different room types! Wahahaha.. *cheap thrill*. Okay, not very cheap since I was not sponsored. LOL!!

    1. Good that you get to see two rooms with the price of one room! We didn't get to see the other two types of rooms.

  7. Miss this hotel! This is one hotel that my kids keep asking me to bring them back to. So much fun and so many things to do in one place. :)

    1. I also miss this hotel, where I could take my shower peacefully without my little audience, as they were so busy playing!

  8. It really looks like fun! But I've got to wait several more years for the kids to enjoy. They are too young now. The room looks awesome! I'd stay in most of the time lol

    1. Perhaps another 1-2 years and your younger child would appreciate playing with bricks!


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