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LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park & Water Park with WTS Travel

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The children are big fans of LEGO, so when I told them that we would be visiting LEGOLAND Malaysia for our second time, they were super thrilled!

Getting from Singapore to LEGOLAND Malaysia with WTS Travel Coach Service

We took MRT to Promenade MRT Station, and walked a few minutes to reach WTS Check-in Counter located at Singapore Flyer.

Don't be surprised when you find that there is no document inside the envelop - the envelop itself is the bus ticket! So make sure you do not lose it! Put on the stickers for the staff to identify you!

This was the coach that brought us to LEGOLAND Malaysia. There was a compartment for travellers to put their large luggage. The seat was comfortable with sufficient space for my legs.

Do take note of the car plate number, so that you will not board the wrong coach after you have cleared Singapore and Malaysia customs!

It took about 1.5 hour to reach LEGOLAND Malaysia. I was glad to take the coach instead of driving, because I could rest and conserve energy for the adventure ahead!

We visited LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park with the children last December, and my conclusion is - one day is definitely NOT enough to cover both Theme Park and Water Park when you are going with children! Therefore, if you wish to visit both parks with children, you may consider getting Two-Day Combo Ticket, and have one night stay (Read our review of LEGOLAND Hotel)!

LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park

As advised by the WTS Travel staff and LEGOLAND staff, we visited Water Park first, because Water Park closes 1 hour before Theme Park.

The changing room with lockers is located at the entrance. There are 2 sizes available - Normal (RM20 / day) and Large (RM30 / day).

We noticed an interesting feature about the lockers - you do not need a key! Just use your fingerprint or a password! I personally prefer using password, so that I can send DaDi to take our belongings while I continue my sun-tanning!

If you like to have a private space to take a rest, you may consider renting a cabana at RM300 for full day or RM180 for half a day from 2 p.m. Each cabana has a mini fridge with some bottled drinks, a safe, a ceiling fan, and some chairs.

Our children are non-swimmers, so I am glad that there are life vests of different sizes available!

Our children enjoyed playing at the smaller slides and building their LEGO boat at DUPLO Splash Safari. Erm, they are actually slightly over-aged for this activity, which is meant for 5 years old and below. The bricks are soft and light, and are suitable for young children.

At LEGO Wave Pool, the children were thrilled when the waves came! Take note that children under 122 cm are advised to wear life vest.

What a big water playground! Joker Soaker  has slides of different length. Look out for the huge bucket of water pouring on to you!

Design your own raft with the big bricks and relax along Build-a-Raft River!

The children enjoyed playing with the water guns at Imagination Station.

Build-a-Boat is a new station set up this year. You can build your LEGO boat and put it to test by racing with other's creations!

Of course, the main attractions of a water park are the slides. However, the children were scared and I was unwell that day, so we did not try the slides ourselves. But looking at the smiling faces of other visitors, we can tell that those slides must be very fun!

LEGO Slides Racers

Splash Out (blue), Twin Chasers (green)

Brick Blaster (red & yellow , 2-4 pax per tube), Splash & Swirl (orange, 1-2 pax per tube)

Red Rush (4-6 pax per tube)

Take note that these are not permitted in the slides - cotton T-shirts, exposed zippers, wet suits, water shoes, or any lose articles that may get damaged during the ride, such as hats or sunglasses.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park

This is where you would take the "mandatory" photo! We would suggest that you take this photo in the afternoon to avoid the "photobombs"!

We visited the Theme Park after we checked-in LEGOLAND Hotel in late afternoon, and we spent our entire second day there!

Oh, there is something new this year! Starting from 28 September 2015, there is a new staged show at LEGO City Stage - LEGO Ninjago & the Realms of Shadows. This live performance is in Bunraku-style, which is a form of traditional puppet theatre in Japan. It is amazing to see how the performers in black Ninja attire control the LEGO figures seamlessly!

If you are bringing preschoolers to LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park, do read our Survival Guide to LEGOLAND Malaysia with Preschoolers!

For older children and adults, what are the activities that are suitable for them?

LEGO Technic - Project X
Minimum size: 110 cm (110-119 cm must be accompanied by an adult)

We can hear the screams from far far away, so do not underestimate the thrill factor!

LEGO Technic - Technic Twister
Minimum size: 110 cm (110-119 cm must be accompanied by an adult)

I would say this is rather mild, because I could still walk in a straight line after I alighted!

LEGO Technic - Aquazone Wave Racers
Minimum size: 100 cm (100-119 cm must be accompanied by an adult)

We were shocked by the the sudden water explosion! Do not stand too near to watch the wave racers unless you want to get wet!

Land of Adventure - Dino Island
Minimum size: 110 cm (110-129 cm must be accompanied by an adult)

Bring along a rain coat! You would definitely get wet! No rain coat? You can buy a poncho from the shop.

LEGO Kingdoms - Dragon's Apprentice / The Dragon
Minimum size: 100 cm (100-119 cm must be accompanied by an adult)

When I showed the children the photos of Dragon Apprentice, which is a smaller-scale version of The Dragon, they said they wanted to try. But when we were at the entrance, they decided to give it a miss. Well, that gives us a reason to go back LEGOLAND Malaysia again.

LEGO Kingdoms - Merlin's Challenge
Minimum size: 100 cm (100-119 cm must be accompanied by an adult)

The ride looked mild, but when we were sitting on it, we kept screaming!

LEGO Kingdoms - The Forestman's Hideout

It was like a maze! The moment the children went in, I couldn't find them!

Getting from LEGOLAND Malaysia to Singapore with WTS Travel Coach Service

We had so much fun, but it was time for us to go home. We walked a few minutes under the sheltered pathway from LEGOLAND Malaysia to the bus stop, where we were greeted by WTS Travel staff. You won't miss them out as there is a signage "WTS Travel" at the bus stop. Remember the envelop a.k.a. bus ticket that I mentioned in the beginning of this post? Pass it to the staff, and wait for him / her to call your name to board the coach.

Can't wait to have fun at LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park & Water Park? Make your booking with WTS Travel now!

WTS Travel

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Thank you WTS Travel Singapore for the memorable experience!

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Disclaimer: Our trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia was kindly sponsored by WTS Travel. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine. 

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  1. My kids have been nagging at me to bring them back to Legoland since our last visit! And how convenient that there's now WTS Travel to make the whole trip easy and fuss-free. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is very convenient, the booking can be made online, so no need to go down to their outlet!

  2. We love, love LEGOLAND too, that's why we got our annual passes and even renewed them this year too! Haha. Because once or twice is simply not enough for the kids, I think we've been there half a dozen times already! My kids love the Duplo Splash Safari and Build a Raft River too, very fun! The slides will have to wait for now. Haha. As for the theme park, Angel loves the roller coasters and wants to do it a few times in a row while the little sister just has to watch on and wait till she grows taller. Haha. Thanks for sharing an alternative to get there instead of driving, can let the hubby rest once in awhile! =)

    1. So brave of Angel! Wait for little sis to grow taller and they can enjoy the rides together! My children are asking me when we are going there again, though we just visited there a week ago!

  3. my kids were a little too short for quite a number of rides the last time we were in LEGOLAND. they have been bugging me to bring them there again! the driving there is a bit of deterrent. good to know the coach bus option is pretty convenient!

    1. Driving there can be a headache when there is traffic jam!

  4. We love Legoland too and have been there countless times. We also purchased annual membership for 1 year which has since lapsed. Hope to return when AJ is older and can play with his jiejie.

    1. It would be nice when AJ is older and can enjoy the activities with jiejie!

  5. Ah ha ha... Legoland, hotel, water park... Been there, done that, never blogged... LOL!! When I last went to the water park, my kids were only 1 and 3 years old? So we didn't go to any of the big slides... So don't know go there for what. And I was a bit annoyed that the Lego bricks didn't fit properly on the float at the 'Build a Raft' lazy pool. But there was no 'Build a Boat' when I was there - looks pretty cool!

    1. It is never too late to blog about your experience!

  6. Did not see any of you riding the the coasters?
    We always cover the Wet playground before the Dry playground too, as there are fewer people in the afternoons :)

    cheers, Andy

    1. Haha, because 4 of us are on the ride, and we do not have photographer or selfie stick!

  7. We are planning to go for combo pakage - theme + water park to be covered in one day ! Is it possible to cover both in a single day ? Request your suggestions .

    1. It may be quite rush to cover both parks in one day,. For us, we spent 3+ hours at water park and then 3+ hours at theme park on day 1, on day 2 we spent the whole day at theme park.

  8. Is it still as hot or more sheltered now?

    1. There are places without shelter, so bring along umbrella and caps!


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