Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Free Gifts for Travellers @ Taiwan Visitors Association (Singapore Office)

If you are travelling free and easy from Singapore to Taiwan, do not forget to visit Taiwan Visitors Association (Singapore Office) before your trip! Located at Chevron House near Raffles Place MRT Station, you can get FREE gift, brochures and maps for your Taiwan trip!

Redemption of Free Gifts 

How to know what free gift they are giving out currently? There are 2 simple methods!
Method 1: Just call their office +65 62236546 and ask!
Method 2: Read the last page of this HardwareZone forum thread, the forum participants share about what gift they received.

Take note
1. Different free gift is offered at different time of the year.
2. You cannot choose from the list which one you want.

These are what we received in early October 2015 - one-way bus vouchers between Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei, and discount vouchers for Window on China Theme Park (小人國主題樂園).

[Update on 21 November 2017]
We redeemed one-way Taoyuan Airport vouchers.

Things to Bring to Redeem Free Gift
Before you go down excitedly, please make sure that you have already booked the followings:
1. Air ticket from Singapore to Taiwan
2. Minimum 1 night of accommodation in Taiwan

Just show the staff the documents or emails on your smartphone. You are also required to key in the following information into their Google Form using their laptop at the counter: your name, birthday, email, air ticket booking reference number, number of travellers in your group, and departure date.

If you are travelling with your whole kampung, no need to bring all the travellers in your group to redeem the gifts! Just bring along the document or email of flight booking with their names!

Oh, do bring along your photo identity card, because you need to exchange for visitor pass at Chevron House's security counter.

Take note that you can redeem the free gift only once for each trip.

Making Your Visit Fruitful 
After collecting your free gifts, do not leave in a hurry if you are not in a hurry! Take the brochures and maps! They are all free!

Adding these to my collection of travel brochures and maps (yes, my hobby).

I was thankful that the staff at the counter was very helpful in answering my questions, like how to get from one place to another.

There are some money changers at The Arcade, which is just next to Chevron House, you may consider changing money there since you are in the area.

Taiwan Visitors Association (Singapore Office)
Address: 30 Raffles Place, Chevron House, #10-01, Singapore 048622
Office Hour : 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Monday -Friday)
Tel: +65 62236546
How to get there:
Raffles Place MRT Station Exit B, turn left once you step out of MRT Station, take the super long escalator to level 3 of Chevron House where you exchange a visitor pass with your identity card, enter the gate and take the lift to level 10

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  1. Thanks for the tips! We will know what to do when we plan to go Taiwan

    1. Hehe, hope you will get even better free gift then!

  2. We redeemed a free pre-paid phonecard from them for our previous Taiwan trip! Looks like you're all set for your holidays, have lots of fun!

    1. Wow, free pre-paid phonecard! That is a great free gift! What a pity that they don't offer it this year.

  3. The bus tickets you received would have been so much more useful to me than the National Palace Museum tickets I got!! Speaking of which, let me know if you want the National Palace Museum tickets okay? I never used them eventually.

    1. Thanks Bumblebeemum for your kind offer! However we will not visiting there...

  4. haha, I got the museum tickets too (last time).
    If only they give free tickets to Baby Boss, confirm long queues :)

    cheers, Andy

    1. Andy, haha, how I wish they give free tickets to BabyBoss too! Even adults need to pay NT500 just to go in but can't play!

  5. Wow, I didn't know they give away freebies to tourists. Great tip, Waiwai!

  6. So gonna save this page!!! We just went Taiwan earlier this year and didn't know about this at all. We could have saved some money on bus tickets.. or a free slice of Shilin Chicken hehehehe

  7. I did the same before I went for my Taiwan trip and I picked up the Easycard that was already loaded with a NT$100 deposit! I must add that there are many money changers in Arcade, easily more than 8 and they have one of the best rates in town.

    1. That is one of the free gifts that many travelers would like to receive!

  8. Wa! I did not know about these free things! :) Thanks for the tips! Will definitely visit the office, when I bring my family to Taiwan

  9. Interesting! I will KIV this for my upcoming (I hope!) trip to taiwan next year. :) Know of any other countries that offer services like this?

    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

  10. hahah Wah! I didn't know such places exists? When is your trip?

  11. Thanks for sharing the tips and details about Taiwan. I have not been to Taiwan yet so will bookmark this post for my reference.

  12. Do you all know what free gifts they give for the month of December?

    1. Hi, according to HardwareZone forum, it seems that they are currently giving out National Museum tickets. You can call Taiwan Visitors Association to check.


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