Sunday, November 15, 2015

3D Printing Course for Primary School Students @The Keys Academy

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"How much are you going to sell your keychain?" The trainer of The Keys Academy asked the children during the 3D Printing Workshop. The task given to the children was to design and sell their keychains produced by 3D printing. Pei Pei and Hao Hao said they were selling their keychains to me at $1000 each. Gulp, my wallet fainted upon hearing the price!

The combination of hard skills and creative thinking is the hallmark of The Keys Academy's approach in learning. Located at Odeon Towers (near City Hall MRT), the centre is spacious, with each classroom or meeting room named after a city. The setting of the classroom allows trainers and students to discuss freely, and to write down ideas on the wall. Oh, don't worry, those walls are whiteboards!

Other than learning the hard skill of 3D modelling and printing, the children also learnt soft skill during the workshop - entrepreneur skill. The trainer invited the children to conduct a customer survey with an adult other than their parents, to find out the considerations of buying a keychain. The children also had some discussion on the startup cost.

Though my children couldn't really understand the concept of startup cost, they were engaged during the hands-on session of 3D modelling. I only learnt to use 3D modelling software during my university day, and now my children are learning this skill at 6-7 years old!

They were interested to see how their designs were printed using 3D printers. To be honest, I was more excited than they did to see 3D printer in action for the first time! They were thrilled to see their products after 1 hour 14 minutes 33 seconds! (Yes, that was how long it took to print...)

I didn't pay the children $1000 each for the keychains. Instead, I gave them a few sips of cold drink for an exchange!

Other than 3D printing course for primary school students, The Keys Academy also offers robotic course, coding course and holiday programmes.

The Keys Academy
Address: Odeon Towers, Level 2, 331 North Bridge Road Singapore 188720
Telephone: +65 6734 8559

Disclaimer: We were invited to the 3D printing taster workshop. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.

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