Monday, November 23, 2015

[Book Review] Scott & Witty Wikky: A Young Inventor's Quest

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Next year, I am officially promoted to be a mum-to-two-primary-school-students! To inculcate the value of having good attitude to school work, I kept sharing with them about how hard I studied when I was young. After the N repeat telecast, they already know what I want to say before I open my mouth! Other than sharing personal experience, another way to inculcate positive values to children would be through reading. One such book is Scott & Witty Wikky: A Young Inventor's Quest, which is suitable for primary school students from 6 to 10 years old. Through the eye of a talented boy Scott Sun and his quest for a young inventor's award, the young readers learn the positive values and life lessons.

3 reasons why we like Scott & Witty Wikky: A Young Inventor's Quest

1. Children can relate to the lovely character, Witty Wikky
It is Scott's invisible friend, an animated phablet that knows everything. My children can relate to it, as it looks like the tablet that I have!

2. Learning values, educational information and life lessons through humour 
The key characters in the story show the children what the positive and negative values are. There are also educational information like Nobel Prize, and soft skills like interview skill in the story. The humour in the story made us laugh!

3. Building children's vocabulary bank 
Witty Wikky is also a dictionary that explains difficult words. This helps the children to build up their vocabulary bank and improve their writing skill.

Scott & Witty Wikky: A Young Inventor's Quest
Author: Perry Gee
ISBN: 978-981-4733-06-9
Price: SGD13

Disclaimer: We received a copy of Scott & Witty Wikky: A Young Inventor's Quest for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.

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