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Taiwan Travel with Children - Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei 拉拉熊咖啡廳

I could not believe that I would have done this - taking 50 minutes to make an online reservation for a dinner at a cafe in Taipei! This cafe is  Rilakkuma Cafe 拉拉熊咖啡廳! Honestly, I am not really a big fan of Rilakkuma, but when I showed my children the photos of this cafe, they said that they wanted to go there, so I decided to join the online war make an online reservation.

The cafe currently takes online reservation on a monthly basis - it is opened at 12 noon on 20th of the month. I personally experienced the craze of the online reservation - couldn't load the website, even when the website was loaded, it hang again and again after I keyed in my information. After 40+ minutes of trying, I actually declared that I gave up. Then suddenly, my information was submitted and the reservation was successful!

Ok, now let me bring you to Rilakkuma Cafe!

We reserved dinner slot 5.50 p.m. but we reached there earlier at 5.25 p.m. even though we were lost for a while after exiting the metro station. And we were not the first group to reach there! The waitress asked us to wait for a while, as they were clearing the tables.

At 5.30 p.m., we entered the cafe. As I mentioned earlier, I am not really a big fan of Rilakkuma. However, I was overwhelmed by the cuteness upon entering the cafe!!

If you are visiting this cafe, my tips to you is: reach there early, and order food first! So that while you are waiting for your food to be served, you can take photos of every corner of the cafe before other customers come in blocking and photobombing. 

We took photos with the giant Rilakkuma without queuing and having photobombs sitting at the next table!

Rilakkuma and friends on the wall, on the chairs, on the tables, on the shelves... they are everywhere!

And even the washroom is filled with cuteness!

Just outside the washroom, you would find another photo-taking corner.

Ok, back to our table. We had one cushion, so we borrowed two from the neighbouring tables to take photos before the customers arrived.

The small plates and children's utensils are so adorable!

So, how about their food? Well, for the main course, there are actually only 2 dishes with Rilakkuma design - Rilakkuma Creamy Chicken Rice (NT340) and Rilakkuma Curry Pork Chop Rice (NT360).

We read from some Taiwanese blogs that the portion of Rilakkuma Creamy Chicken Rice is very small, so we decided to give that a miss. We ordered Rilakkuma Curry Pork Chop Rice (NT360) and Rosemary Fried Chicken Thigh Pasta (NT360).

Rilakkuma Curry Pork Chop Rice

Rosemary Fried Chicken Thigh Pasta

Rilakkuma Curry Pork Chop Rice is quite nice, but the portion of rice is too small. Rosemary Fried Chicken Thigh Pasta, on the other hand, is more filling, even though the only thing that is related to Rilakkuma is just a slice of toast with the shape of its head.

For the beverage, we ordered Strawberry Smoothie (NT160) and Red Grapefruit & Orange Soda (NT140).

Strawberry Smoothie has a Rilakkuma chewy bear, and this beverage is yummy! Red Grapefruit & Orange Soda is interesting, the piece of ice is in the shape of Rilakkuma and is made of orange juice, so you have to keep stirring to melt the orange juice ice and mix with red grapefruit soda. The cute Rilakkuma coaster is the souvenir for us to take home!

The meal at Rilakkuma Cafe would not be complete without dessert, which in my opinion, score much more than the main course.

We had Rilakkuma Cheese Cake (NT200). The top layer is a thin piece of chocolate, together with the cream cheese and biscuit layers, it tastes heavenly!

If I ever have a chance to visit this cafe again, I would love to try other dessert which look so mouth-watering! Let's take a look what are inside the fridge!

Ok, don't say I didn't warn you, before you join thousands of people to fight for a table, please take note of the followings:
  1. Each person of height more than 120 cm must purchase a drink. The price ranges from NT120 to NT180. 
  2. Each dining slot is 2 hours.

How to make reservation online (open at 12 noon on 20th of the month):
Reservation is made via their Facebook page
Click "Book Now". If you need English version, scroll all the way to the bottom of the booking form, next to Taiwan flag, change "繁體中文(台灣)" to "English".

Rilakkuma Cafe 拉拉熊咖啡廳
Address: 台北市忠孝東路四段248巷3號 (No. 3, Lane 248, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106)
How to get there:
Take Metro Banna Line (板南線) to Zhongxiao Dunhua (忠孝敦化). From Exit 3, walk until you see MaDonald's, then turn right.

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  1. Everything in that restaurant is uber cute!
    I think young girls will go crazy in here :)

    1. We saw many ladies in the cafe, and everyone was busy taking photos!

  2. Believe it or not, I didn't know who Rilakumma was until 2015 hahaha This cafe will surely be a hit for my kids! I'm sure they will finish their food and we parents can enjoy ours without trying to cajole them to eat!

    1. I wasn't really a great fan of Rilakkuma too, but my children love it!

  3. What?! 50 minutes to make a reservation? Kudos to you, patient mama!

  4. The Rilakkuma Cafe certainly looks better than the Hello Kitty cafe in terms of the food quality! The reservations is quite a nightmare though omg! 50 minutes!!

    1. I haven't tried Hello Kitty Cafe, but I don't think my boy would be interested!

  5. So cute! Makes me wanna bring my bubba there too!

  6. really love your taiwan series.. I'm going to check your blog when I'm really travelling there. . keeping my fingers crossed

  7. What a cute cafe! I would love to bring Dana there one day when we next visit Taiwan :D

  8. So so so kawaii!!! The cakes are just too cute to eat too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes, it took me a while to start eating the cake!

  9. OMG, this is superduper cute. But how do they manage to keep the big stuff toys prim and clean? :)

    1. Good question... I noticed that the stuff toys looked clean!

  10. Hi! How did you make the reservation? And is it in English? Thanks!

    1. Hi, you can click on their Facebook page (the link is at the bottom of the blog post) to make your reservation. On their Facebook page, click "Book Now", then stroll to the bottom of the reservation page, on the right hand bottom, choose the language "English".

  11. Hi, Nice post and thanks a lot for sharing! When you book online, did you also pay for NT200 per pax? Is this a non refundable booking fee? Thanks for your advise!

    1. There was no such booking fee when I made reservation in December 2015.


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