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5 Reasons Why We Love Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival 2016

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I think I am a good secret keeper - I hid from the children that we were going to watch Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival 2016. When we brought them to Singapore Indoor Stadium, they were totally caught by surprise!

5 Reasons Why We Love Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival 2016

1. All-time-favourite Disney characters... especially Frozen characters!
Yes, you heard it right! Frozen characters were there! We are fans of Frozen! Pei Pei loves Elsa, while Hao Hao and I love Olaf.

Can you imagine the loud cheers from the crowd when they appeared during the last part of the performance? They were definitely the highlights of the performance!

I can totally identify the sentiment of listening to your children singing "Let It Go" 928495 times a day two years ago, and yes, I thought my children had stopped singing this song some time ago, and it is all coming back now!!!

It was so heartwarming to see the loving relationship between the sisters Elsa and Anna!

Other than Frozen, we met Princess Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel from Disney animations The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, as well as Tangled respectively. If you are from the same era as me, you would resonate with songs like Under the Sea, Beauty and the Beast, and so on!

Oh, don't forget Mickey and friends! Their guest appearance before each segment and at the finale brought a lot of joy to Pei Pei and Hao Hao!

2. Stunning skating skills
Pei Pei wondered how the performers could skate so well. I told her that they must have put in a lot of hard work to make this performance so amazing!

3. Gorgeous costumes, props and backdrops
Did you know how many costumes were presented in Disney On Ice? Check the answer from our post on 10 Fun Facts about Disney On Ice! Each piece of costume is so beautifully made!

And guess what, there were "animals" on stage too! They were Maximus from Tangled, and Sven from Frozen! I guess it must be challenging for two performers to coordinate their steps inside the animal costumes!

The backdrops were gorgeous too!

4. Spectacular stage effects
Fireworks, sky lanterns, and "snow" (which was actually foam)! There were so many elements of surprise throughout the entire performance!

5. Good humour
We had a good laugh at the humour in the stories! Oh, look at what Olaf was doing, making the bubbles and bursting them with his stick!

Tips for bringing children to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival 2016

1. Be there early, the show starts on time! And get some time to shop for the merchandise!

2. It was getting a bit cold towards the end of the performance, so bring along jackets!

3. Get a boost seat for your younger children from the entrance after you see the merchandise stalls.

4. Do not bring outside food, as there are staff doing random check of bags. There is a food stall available inside (but quite expensive, I spent SGD4.50 on one muffin), and there was a booth that sold popcorns, cotton candy and ice with Disney packaging!

Information on Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

When: 11 - 20 March 2016

Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium

How to purchase tickets:
Check out

To learn more about Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival:

Check out our post on Fun Facts and Trivia of Disney On Ice!

Disclaimer: We were invited to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.

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  1. How did you manage to keep this a secret? You're a good secret keeper indeed!

    1. I had a hard time confining the excitement! Even after we had collected the tickets from the box office, they were still in the dark, until we entered the stadium!


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