Sunday, July 31, 2016

Making Onigirazu (おにぎらず Rice Sandwiches) with Children

DaDi and MaMi's signature home cooked dishes are steamed minced pork, steamed broccoli and omelette! Well, the children are not too excited about the meal since they have these dishes so often. So, in order to make the meal more exciting, and without flipping the kitchen upside down, we made Onigirazu (rice sandwiches) with the children!

What is Origirazu (おにぎらず)? It is a variation of rice ball wrapped with nori (seaweed sheet) and is in rectangular or square shape.

Ours is the greedy version - we stuffed too much ingredients!

Seaweed sheet
Anything that you wish e.g. minced pork, egg, cucumber, ham, chicken fillet, cheese

  1. Place a seaweed sheet on a cling wrap.
  2. Place a layer of rice and flatten this layer with a spoon.
  3. Place other ingredients.
  4. Place another layer of rice on top, and flatter this layer with a spoon.
  5. Fold the four corners of the seaweed sheet towards the centre of rice, wrap tightly with cling wrap to make a rectangular or square shape.
  6. Cut it into half.

If your children are very young, take note that it may be challenging for them to bite and swallow the seaweed. So you may considering making Temari Sushi with them - see our recipe for Temari Sushi!

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