Monday, August 8, 2016

BookBuddy™ Smart Bookstand

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For our children, reading is not just a hobby - it is a habit. We have family reading time before we go to sleep every night. Other than ensuring there is sufficient lighting in the room, we also have to make sure that our children to have proper posture when they are reading.

We are glad to receive BookBuddy™ to help our children develop healthier reading habit. BookBuddy™ is the smart bookstand which reminds the children to read in good reading conditions through the use of smart sensors.

Let's take a look at its features:

1. Lightweight - our children can carry it everywhere!

2. Two reading angles - it holds the book upright or at a lower angle.

3. Page extender and retractable arms - it supports taller books or sheets of paper, and firmly holds down pages of all sizes.

4. Distance sensor, light sensor, reading timer - it gives off a beeping sound to alert us if we read too closely. The LED lights up when it is too dark and when we read for more than 30 minutes.

In conclusion, we like to use BookBuddy™ during our reading time to enhance our reading experience.

Retail price: SGD84.90 each/ SGD254.70 Trio Pack

For details, please refer to the website:

Disclaimer: We received one set of BookBuddy™ for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received. All photos and opinions are mine.

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