Monday, August 22, 2016

Okinawa (Japan): Futenma Shrine & Lava Cave 普天間宮

One of the things to do in Japan is to visit a shrine, and we decided to visit Futenma Shrine 普天間宮, which has a lava cave inside! 

The lave cave inside Futenma Shrine is only 50 meters long, which is much shorter as compared to the famous 900-metre Gyokusendo 玉泉洞, but we feel that it is more suitable for families with young children, because it is dim and wet inside the lava cave.

We parked our rental car at a car park behind the shrine, and walked down to slope to the shrine. As a form of respect, instead of walking into the shrine directly, we walked further down to enter through the torii gate. 

The children got to experience the ritual of visiting a shrine - purifying themselves at the temizuya. Don't worry if you don't know the procedure, there is a sign that shows you step-by-step.

One reason for visiting the shrine is to get the omamori お守り to protect us for our first self-drive trip.

Other than omamori for traffic safety, there are many other types of omamori. The one on the top right hand corner of the photo is to protect children, it is in form of a square school bag, isn't it cute?

You may make a wish here too!

Take note that in order to visit the lava cave, you have to seek permission from the personnel at the place that sells omamori. You have to fill up a form with your name, address, and number of people, then the personnel will lead you to walk through a "secret" path to the lava cave. And you have to "report" to the personnel when you have left the lava cave.

This place is very solemn, so it is advisable to remind the children not to talk loudly and not to run around in this place.

Futenma Shrine 普天間宮
Address: 〒901-2202 沖縄県宜野湾市普天間 1-27-10
Telephone: 098-892-3344
Mapcode for GPS: 33 438 615

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