Friday, September 2, 2016

Compass One Play Area - The Ninja Trail

It is Teachers' Day today, and it marks the beginning of September school holiday! We started our school holiday with a blast! The children had their ninja training at The Ninja Trail a new play area at level 4 of Compass One. Previously know as Compass Point, this shopping mall is located in Sengkang area, conveniently accessible by MRT. It had underwent a major renovation for a year and was re-opened yesterday.

Oh, this play area is absolutely FREE!

Let's check out the stations that the children conquered in order to become a trained ninja!

Station 1 Invigtrail & Station 2 Jelly Jumping Pads
Warm up stations for the ninja-to-be.

Station 3 Misty Tunnel
Attack from all directions!

Station 4 Sprinkling Turnabout
Turn and turn around under the shower!

Station 5 Dip-and-Duck
The children did a negative demonstration! They are supposed to crawl through the water jets!

Station 6 November Rain
Heavy rain ahead!

Station 7 Swing Walk
Walk from side to side without falling!

Station 8 Soaking Monkeys
Look out for spray of mist from the ground of the monkey bar!

Station 9 Wheel Whirl
Move from one wheel to the next.

Station 10 Stepper Bridge
A test of balancing.

Station 11 Water Slide
The most popular station among the ninja-wannabe! We noticed that many children like to stay in the small pool after they slide down. Do remind your children to get out the pool as soon as they have landed so that they would not be injured when another child slides down.

Station 12 Net Traverse & Station 13 Bell Fort
Climb up via the net, instead of staircase. Ring the bell to officially become a trained ninja!

Yeah! Mission completed!

There is also dry play area which is suitable for the younger children.

Our children love The Ninja Trail at Compass One very much, and they would want to visit there again!

One thing I appreciate is the presence of benches with shelter, so that I would not melt under the hot sun while the children were having fun!

Information about The Ninja Trail at Compass One
Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (can't find this information on the website, so I called to check)
Suitable for 2 to 12 years of age
Admission: FREE!
Shower area: 2 shower heads located outdoor
Washroom: located next to the play area

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