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Okinawa (Japan): Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay Review

Okinawa is famous for its beautiful beaches and seas, so we decided to spend a day at a sea side resort. There are many nice sea side resorts, but they are very expensive, at more than SGD300 per room per night! I did some homework and found one that is below SGD300 - Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay!

The room that we booked was non-smoking Corner Sea View Room with floor area 50-square-metres, it is so big that my camera only managed to take half of the room at one shot!

This is a photo of the entire room from the official website, and our room looks exactly like this!

image source: Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay official website

I quickly went out to the balcony, and this was the view from our room! It would definitely look nicer if the weather was better!

The bathroom is a standard one with a bath tub. But the highlight is that the shampoo, conditioner and bath gel are from Shiseido!

Shortly after we checked in, we started to explore the facilities in the hotel.

The children had a great time at the indoor swimming pool, they played on the slide many million times. There were children pool and deeper swimming pool, and temperature of water was just nice. Free arm floats were available for the children. 

There are outdoor swimming pools too. But we stayed for only 59 seconds as it was raining and cold outside.

After swimming, the children played at the indoor playground. It is not free though, the fee is 300 yen per child for 30 minutes. We had the coupons which were included in our accommodation package, but it seemed that no one checked whether you have paid or not.

We had dinner at the izakaya. I would advise you not to have dinner there with children because there were many smokers. The variety of food was rather limited, and it took very long for the food to be served. As the staff were unable to speak English, it took me some effort to speak in broken Japanese to check whether the 2000 yen vouchers given by the hotel could be used. 

After dinner, we watched Okinawa Eisa dance performance inside the hotel. It was a fantastic performance, the dancers invited all the guests to join them in the dance towards the end of the performance, it was fun!

At night, there were people playing mini fireworks at the beach. How I wished I could join in the fun, but it was raining and the children were very tired and had to sleep. But I could watch the mini fireworks from our balcony.

Next morning, we woke up early to enjoy the public bath. Men and women baths are separated, and there are indoor and outdoor baths, and no swim wear is allowed! Basically you just need to bring yourself there, because towels, shampoo, bathing gel and locker are provided. What a pity that Pei Pei was unwell that morning, and couldn't join me for the special experience. So I had some me-time enjoying the outdoor bath, listening to the wave of the sea. In order to take a peek at the sea, I had to sit up straight! It was a unique experience for Hao Hao to have bath with DaDi at the public bath!

image source: Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay official website

Fortunately it was not raining, so we ventured to the beach. We went to Rizzan Adventure Land with floats in the sea. The children's admission tickets were included in our accommodation package, but the adult one is not, so DaDi paid 700 yen to go in with the children, while I took photos from a distance. Who knows we ended up leaving this place after a few minutes, as it was very windy and the children couldn't stand the cold sea water!

The children preferred to play with sand at the beach. It was great that the sand play toys were provided.

It was quite relaxing to sit on the beach chair and enjoyed the sea view, but the wind was too strong for us to stay longer.

One thing I like about this hotel is that it allows the guests to use the breakfast vouchers for lunch instead! There is a small kid's corner for the children to take their food. There is a good variety of food, including Okinawa cuisine and Indian curry. Don't forget to try the shabu shabu pork, it is nice!

After lunch, we visited the arcade to use up the tokens included in the accommodation package. There were only a few machines which tokens can be used, the more interesting ones do not accept tokens, but only accept 100 yens coins. 

You may book this accommodation via many hotel booking portals. But... the booking only includes the room and the meal(s). The facilities there have to be paid separately. In order to get to enjoy those facilities at a discounted rate, you have to make your booking via the hotel's official website in Japanese language. We booked an accommodation package called "77 days in advance Enjoy Family Plan", which includes
  • one night accommodation
  • buffet breakfast which can be replaced by buffet lunch
  • usage of public bath and sauna
  • rental of towels at swimming pools
  • rental of beach chairs and parasol at the beach
  • welcome drinks
  • tokens for the game arcade
  • entry to children's indoor playground
  • entry to Rizzan Adventure Land (floats in the sea) for the children
  • 2000 yen worth of vouchers for dining or marine sports in the hotel

Initially I wanted to book a smaller room non-smoking Deluxe Sea View Room which would cost SGD230+, but they were fully booked then, and I didn't want to stay in a smoking room. So we booked a bigger room non-smoking Corner Sea View Room which cost us SGD290. It is considered as a steal as compared to other sea side resorts!

Here are the coupons that we received when we checked in!

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha Bay. Though the hotel is a not new, the room is clean and comfortable. It would be more enjoyable if there was clear blue sunny sky!

Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay
Address: 〒904-0496 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字谷茶1496
Mapcode for GPS: 206 158 095

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