Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Full-time-working-mother's Day in a Life

I am promoted this year - from a mum to a primary school child and a preschooler, to a mum to two primary school children! Yes, you can sense my excitement right? Double the amount of homework, double the preparation of assessments!

It has been a blessing that both children would get themselves prepared in the morning, though at times I have nag at them, "Where is your wallet? Have you combed your hair?" We promptly leave home at 6.45 a.m. sharp on school days. I send my children to school before I go to work.

After school hours, the teachers from the student care centre would fetch them to the student care centre, where they have their lunch and shower. What do our children do in the student care centre? I am thankful that the student care centre teachers help to supervise them to study for spelling, and guide them to complete some assessment workbooks. 

I fetch my children home after work at about 5 to 6 p.m. Some of you may wonder, how do I leave office so early? Because I start work early in the morning, and please allow me to boast about myself, my middle name is "Efficient"! My colleagues can attest to my efficiency at work!

If it is not raining or hazy, I would bring the children to playground to play for a while. It is one of my KPI (key performance indicators) as a full-time-working-mother to bring my children to the playground after work every day. Playing at the playground makes my children happy, and happy children means happy mother!

Between 5+ to 7 p.m., the children shower, study, and play for a while before DaDi comes home with dinner. I am thankful that their school currently does not give too much homework, as most of the works are done during school hours. 

Evening time is our precious family time, we have dinner together, play games, chit-chat, and read together. One of the games that the children love to play is  - Knowing Me Knowing You cards!

The children go to bed at 8 p.m. Yes, it is early, but considering they do not take a nap in the afternoon, we have to get them to sleep early in order to have sufficient rest.

We spend our weekends on doing household chores, shopping for groceries, swimming lessons, and going out to have fun!

How is your day?

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  1. I learn your super efficient skills at work too! So nice that you get to take them to the playground and I'm sure they appreciate it.

  2. Wow, any tips on how you are so efficient at work? I love your KPI, outdoor time is so important! Thank you for sharing your day!


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