Monday, October 24, 2016

Benefits of Audio Books for Children

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When I was young, my parents bought me a series of story books that come with cassette tapes. Oh yes, speaking of those good old days, when cassette recorder was still available! Nowadays, instead of cassette tapes, we have audio books in digital form! What are the benefits of audio books for children?

1. Improve fluency and pronunciation
I admit that I mispronounce words at time! When the children listen to the audio books, they learn to read aloud fluently with proper pronunciation.

2. Develop varied styles of reading
Different narrators have different style of reading, children can learn to be more expressive when they read aloud or when they speak.

3. Enhance the multi-sensory experience
In addition to the pictures, the audio helps to enhance the children's reading experience with music and sound effect.

Here are some Scholastic titles that come with CD, my children enjoy reading these books and listening to the CD that come with the books!

Fly Guy Fun Readers

Author: Tedd Arnold
ISBN: 9789810985011
Ages: 3 and above
About this set of books:
A humorous, easy-to-read series about a boy and his fly! Using hyperbole, puns, slapstick, and silly drawings, the book is fun to read!

My Daddy Ate An Apple 

Author: Craig Smith
ISBN: 9789810943516
Ages: 4 and above
About this book:
So what happens if you eat an apple with a green worm inside? Not just any worm, of course, but a fuzzy one, a buzzy one, a great big fat juicy one! Children will love this story about Daddy Zebra's trip to hospital - and the surprise ending!

Willbee the Bumblebee

Author: Craig Smith
ISBN: 9789810943509
Ages: 4 and above
About this book:
A catchy song with endearing illustrations that will have you buzzing! And as Willbee flew away, he did not stop, his jersey unraveled from the bottom to the top, and when he realised this, he lost his hum. He was showing the whole garden his bare bum! Well, with no jersey, and being late in the day, Willbee was so cold he couldn't fly away. Willbee the bumblebee is so embarrassed when he realizes his stripy jumper has caught on a rose thorn and completely unraveled...

Disclaimer: We received the books from Scholastic Asia for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine. 

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